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Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Mideum Coffee @ Penang

Hi, all! It's been ages since I have last posted, and I apologize for my absence. 
But for now I'm back! And this is going to be a post full of yummy food :P 

The cafe that I am going to post about today is The Mideum Coffee, located just opposite SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian. I have heard a lot of reviews about this place, so me and my fam decided to give it a try! We went on a public holiday, which was probably a good thing as I read reviews that the cafe would normally be crowded with students on weekdays. 

Aaand, we went on a Monday! There was a promotion ongoing when we went, that was on Monday, if your name starts with the letter M or you wore something blue on you, you can get 23% off for drinks! I don't think the promotion is still ongoing, but you can check their FB page for details.

Dessert was served before the main courses haha! (As per my request.)

Chocolate Shake RM13.01 
(RM16.90 before discount)

The shake was served with whipped cream an a ball of chocolate ice cream on top. Even before discount the price was super affordable! Normally shakes are super duper expensive in cafes, but not this one. And it was delicious too. Perfect to cool down on a sunny day. 

Sweet Escape Waffle RM12.50

Even looking at this makes my mouth water. So much sweetness in one picture! 
The waffle was crispy, and went well with the other sweets. Beneath the cotton candy was a ball of ice cream too! Totally worth ordering, and very insta-worthy as well 👍.

Next up, the main dishes that we ordered.

Spaghetti Carbonara RM12.50

The portion is quite big. But taste wise just normal, nothing much to shout about. 

Cheesy Fried Chicken RM18.90

We waited quite awhile for this dish to be served. And was not disappointed. Well, was only normal fried chicken cutlet served with cheese sauce, but anything with cheese is lurve heh😋

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Ok now this IG post revealed how long I procrastinated lol. There is only one swing seat table available in the cafe, so do make sure you take a pic with it!

Selfie with the furry fake plant (Idk what's the name) that was almost featured in every pic. Thanks for the cameo hahah!

Rating: 4/5 

Affordable price but cleanliness needs to be improved. 

Opens 9am-9pm (Mon-Sat), 11am-9pm (Sun)