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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Lavish Fusion Bakery @ Lebuh VIctoria

A few months ago, when Sarah came back to Penang the #girlsof939495 went out for a date. 
Lavish Fusion Bakery by Love a Loaf is still the hottest cafe in town. So my belated post is still relevant haha!

 We sar at the huge table below the 'LAVISH' sign. Look at my excited girls!

And then the pretty drinks came and we got even more excited lol. 

Red: Yogurt Berry Bash RM 16.50
Yellow/Orange??: Mango Orange Peach RM 16.50

The fruits on top were pretty much tasteless. I guess its preserved fruits due to the hot Malaysian weather. But the drink itself is decent. Very fruity and refreshing!

Matcha cronut was definitely the star of the day!

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Uji Matcha Cronut RM 23.50

Not only it's pretty, it's a legit cronut lol. Look at the layers!
And I was not expecting the layers inside to be Matcha flavored too! Yumss.
But they only serve this at a limited time, if not mistaken after lunch hours hence we came after we had lunch and had no more space for more pastries lol. 
Definitely recommending this matcha cronut to those who love matcha!

We didn't take much pictures of the interior as it was waaaaay too crowded. Actually the price range was quite high so I have no idea why there were so many people? Haha 


Lavish Fusion Bakery
214 Lebuh Vistoria, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang.
Open daily 8am-11pm

Rating: 3.5/5

Till then xx