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Friday, 31 March 2017

Girls of 939495: Melaka (Part 1)

Been planning on this trip with my girls since ages ago! We actually had various (overseas) places in mind, but ended up going to only KL and Melaka lol.
Anyhoo this trip was a success! And we made a lot of wonderful memories! Plus took tons of pictures :D

First stop is Family Mart before leaving the airport!

Green tea ice cream was only RM3.50! I loved that it wasn't too bitter and too creamy! 
Onigiri was RM5.50 I think, slightly expensive than in town coz we were at the airport, but still cheap nonetheless. But it was a bit hard to maneuver when eating it as the plastic is right between the seaweed and rice lol. 

Sarah drove us to Melaka and we went to the famous St. Paul's Hill.

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Being a tourist for once lol.

It was a weekday, so less people around and we took soooo many pictures without worrying about uninvited photo bombers! 
Can you guess our theme for the day? Haha :)

Denim x White x Black :))

Looking awkward here.
 We ran out of poses lol! And it was about to rain heavily, just look at the dark clouds above. So we hastily took some pics with weird poses and left hehe. To seek shelter in H&M lol.

Tea was at a little cafe near Mahkota Parade. Look at these cute tarts 
Minion: Lemon tart
Green 3 eyed monster: Matcha x White chocolate tart
2 for RM 24

The lemon tart was tangy and refreshing, undoubtedly my favorite! 

Actually the matcha tart was also delicious, I didn't expect the bottom part of the tart to have red beans giving it an interesting texture, what a surprise! A pity Lc was sick and Sarah's tooth was in pain, they couldn't really enjoy the tart's filling (Lc) and the biscuit crust (Sarah) haha!

Open from 9am-7pm
Directly opposite Hotel Equatorial

And then we went to watch Lalaland and nearly fell asleep lol. #Notmytaste

Next morning we woke up early and finally went to this abandoned place known as Klebang Sand Dunes.

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The reason why I said 'finally' is because previously when I went to Melaka in December, I wanted to take pictures there before leaving but I left my camera in the restaurant we had breakfast at TT 
So finally I'm here! 

#girlsof939495 #bluesky #fluffyclouds #sexybacks 
But we did not venture to the sand dunes part lol coz we were the only people there. A car who drove past warned us that several theft cases happened there so we decided to stay close to our car. 

It was terribly windy so our faces look damn round hahaha!

One last pic before we left for KL! 

Next post will be part 2, continuing about our trip in KL! Stay tuned :)

Till then xx

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