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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

[BKKxHH] Day 3: Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village, Hua Hin

Sorry for the abrupt lack of updates. Back to uni as a year 2 student, uni was pretty demanding, as usual TT
Anyways, continuing on my BKKxHH posts, the first stop on our last day in Hua Hin was Pleanwarn Eco Vintage Village before we returned our rented car. Entrance is free, but there's a fee for parking which is 20 or 30 baht, couldn't really remember hehe.

At the entrance. Yeah thats how my sister smiles every day. HAHA

Ate 2 cups of instant noodles as supper the night before hence my BLOATEDx2 face. 不是普通的bloated okay hahaha! Got the shorts from Hua Hin Night Market the night before for 100 baht!

Omma :)
Basically Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village consists of an open area surrounded by 3 storey building made by wood. Pretty interesting as it projects the olden days of Hua Hin!
The top floor of this village is are rooms for rent. Yes you can experience staying in this vintage village! 

Expensive car parked in the middle of the road. Yeah when you are rich you can park wherever you like lolol!

Miniature ferris wheel. They really love their ferris wheel in Thailand!

Vintage watches sold in one of the shops. 
The pocket watches especially captured my eyes as I had not seen one in real life before!

(phone not connected to plug wtf)

Woots candies and toys from the past! 

And this vintage cooler! Can't believe it was still working!

Bought some egglets to snack on. There were plenty of snacks sold there, no need to worry about getting hungry!

And I met my LOVE for the first time during this trip!!! EGGS! 
Grilled quail eggs, to be exact. SO excited I took tons of pics of the lady preparing the eggs lolll.

50 baht for 8 of em, pretty expensive but considering its in a tourist spot and I get to lounge in their air-conditioned cafe away from the sweltering heat while I enjoy this, I would say this is worth it! Oh, and it was delicious!
Few days later got this in Pratunam area for only 20 baht lol 

Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village

Located between Hua Hin soi 38 and 40
Opens daily 9am - 9pm

Stay tuned for the next post! Next week will be my sem break so will have more time to blog!
(Hopefully :D)

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Till then xx