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Friday, 2 September 2016

[BKKxHH] Day 2: Swiss Sheep Farm @ Cha-am (Hua Hin)

Next destination on the list is Swiss Sheep Farm! 
It was raining before so we went to Mcdonalds' to avoid the rain and fill up our stomachs. We were lucky that the rain stopped for us to continue on our adventure! Entrance fee is cheaper than Santorini Park, 120 baht per person. As local people get a lower entrance fee (50 baht), I tried to impersonate a Thai but failed TT 

Swiss Sheep Farm is a farm where different type of docile animals reside located in a valley and filled with European styled buildings and props! I know, cliche, but totally my style! 

Mom trying her hands as a milkgirl haha! 
Eh just noticed her outfit totally matched the bike HAHA

Le sis was afraid of the horse but kept saying it was so cute. Meh. 

Took this using my phone as a remote control. Not bad huh :)

Another one. Had to squat down because cam was on a bench haha!

Self taken too!

Then some tourists also from Malaysia came along, and requested us to take a pic for them and then they returned the favor! So heartwarming to meet friendly faces at a foreign country. 

Selfie with the windmill!

My areumdawo omma posed like this under my request haha!

After taking tons of pic, we proceeded to the highlight of the day, Alpacas!!!

100 baht per person just to take pics with em alpacas, they also provided us with plastic to cover our shoes as not to dirty them. The alpacas lived in an air-conditioned room, so that explained the extra price needed to see them. High maintenance animals lol!

Our happy faces once we met the furry alpacas :)

Excited mom and sis! With an alpaca who ignored them and walked away after crashing into them lol. 

Try to selfie with em but its a bit hard haha!
They would also chase you thinking you had food with you! And knock into you without any care if you happened to be in their way. Damn scary haha! But they are supposed as docile as sheep leh wth

This one had protruding (scary) teeth, so naturally we were afraid it would come biting us thinking we had food lol. Should get it braces leh hahaha!

A (somehow) successful selca with an alpaca thanks to sis hands holding its head in place lol! Don't worry, she's not holding it that tight, just that its fur is damn thick.

Hidden my shocked face coz it tried to eat my top wtf! Totally caught me unawares!!

Another one coz it was so docile sitting on the floor for no reason whatsoever lol! (Before it tried to bit my top)
One minute it was eating peacefully, the next it strolled casually to the floor and sat down.

This is in the building next to the Alpaca building. Oops ;)

Legs long so must post hahaha

Credits to my sister 

I'm guessing from the words that it's Italian themed? Maybe some place to eat heh.

In another surrounded area of some sort where rabbits and goats gather. It's time to feed em!

My sister and her zodiac, the rabbit! She was actually terrified of holding them, the worker grabbed one and placed it in her hands haha!

Finally saw em sheep. 
We are in Swiss Sheep Farm so I was wondering where did the sheep went lol. But they were gathered in a pen of some sorts. People tried to feed them and they were aggressive as hell lol. Scaryyyy. This pic was taken far far away using the zoom feature on my camera lolol!

Ground was wet as it just rained. I loved this farm as we get to interact with adorable animals especially the as rare ones - alpacas, and also enjoyed the peaceful and cooling environment. Not to mention the cute backdrops and props scattered around the farm, plus special attractions such as the Italian themed building and 3D drawings! The mountains at the back totally added points as we if were in the nature naturally with the animals. Totally worth the price! Wondering when this kind of farm will open in Malaysia hmm. I will be the first one to visit hehe.

Swiss Sheep Farm
Kao Yai, Cha-am, 
Phetchaburi 76120, Thailand.
9AM-7PM daily

More to come xx

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