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Sunday, 28 August 2016

[BKKxHH] Day 2: Santorini Park @ Cha-am (Hua Hin)

Next destination is Santorini Park, Cha-am. It's along the highway after FN Outlet, on the side of the highway heading out of Hua Hin. Tickets were pretty expensive, 300 baht per person. 
Always wanted to visit it as I saw lots of pretty pics taken there! Blue rooftops and white building, can you imagine the picturesque Greek island in Cha-am! There are also shops such as Adidas, Nike, Naraya etc, there was a sale ongoing when we went, not sure if its all year long or for a short period only, anyways if you are keen you can always step in any of the shops to shop! (or for the aircond like me hehe)

Ok spamming my pics below. Sorry if you don't wanna see my face(s) you can stop reading hahaha!

First pic taken with a pug! 

Me spreading ma branches to grow da love

Seriously you can take pictures anywhere in Santorini Park!

In some random corner. This gate leads to the hotel area of Santorini Park. Yes you can stay there if you like!

Sorry you cannot come in to my house hahaha

The building with planks covering the doors is the haunted house attraction! Kinda weird seeing it appear in Santorini leh.
Extra fee to enter so we didn't. 

Lets take a selfieee

This hallway leads into the bathroom. The interior design in Thailand never fail to amaze me!

Me and sis.  

This is a corner I rmb I saw before in ig so was damn excited haha!

Weird sis wanted a pic with this octopus (?) hahaha

Ferris wheels seem to be everywhere in Thailand. 
This one is practically the landmark of Cha-am! You can even see it while on the highway.

Idk what you are but I will kiss you anyway~

Mandatory tourist shot before leaving!

We left the camera on top of the car and took this before we left! So face fat also must post haha!
 Fat raindrops were falling after we took this shot so we ran to our car and sought shelter plus replenish our energy in a Mcdonalds nearby lolol. What a memorable experience!

For me its a must go in Hua Hin! About a 30 minutes drive from Hua Hin town. 

Santorini Park 
Phetchaburi, Cha-am,
Opens daily 
Weekdays 10-7pm
Weekends 9-7pm

Till then xx

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

[BKKxHH] Day 2: Debo Café & Room, Hua Hin

Lunch in Hua Hin was a wonderful affair! 

 Cute pillow I wanna bring it home!
Can you guess what's the concept of this cafe?

Pugs! Sorry puggie for making you uncomfortable haha
Taken with the help of the friendly staff.

This cafe is full of em' pugs! Once you seat, they will all come and welcome you. I was enjoying petting them and didn't think to take a pic until they were all gone hahaha
A photo posted by Thebo (@debo_thebo) on

A photo posted by Thebo (@debo_thebo) on

Credits to debo_thebo IG
How cute! 
Ps why do they always look miserable lol

Now let's move on to the food!

Apple soda and lychee soda which was yummy! And pretty to look at too lol.

River prawns + minced meat + bacon + eggs tomyam noodles (?)
I don't know the exact name of this coz they do not have English menu lol. You can scroll their IG or point at pics they provided (on the wall lol) to order haha! Don't worry they have English speaking staff. 

Huge river prawns!

Squid (!) + Minced meat + eggs tomyam noodles 
Damn good! Love love love love the squidddddd 
SO chewy and yummyy!

My camera doesn't understand me and refused to focus on the squid loll

Cozy corner of the cafe

Smiling broadly after the satisfying lunch hehe

Last pic before leaving.

Totally recommending whoever loves dogs to pay a visit to this cafe!

Debo Café & Room
Hua Hin Soi 37
Opens daily 10-6pm
My rating: 9/10

That's all for this post! Starting next post will be a bombard of aesthetic pictures taken at various tourist attractions at Cha-Am. Do look forward to it!

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Till then xx

Friday, 5 August 2016

[BKKxHH] Day 2: Bangkok to Hua Hin + FN Outlet Hua Hin

Continuing from the last post, next day we set off to our next destination, Hua Hin!

Oh before I forget, here's the sim card I bought from 7-11! As we decided to self drive in Hua Hin, it is a must to get a sim card to use Google Maps. 

49 baht from 7-11! 
Went to 3 branches before finding it at the 7-11 near Siam BTS. The other 7-11s either out of stock or don't understand English or try to sell me the 299 baht Tourist SIM Card lol. So I definitely recommend you to go to the 7-11 near Siam BTS as the cashier understands English and will register your sim card for you as well. 

Ask for Happy sim card, the 49 baht one. Then buy a top up scratch card. 
To check balance, press *101*9#
For unlimited daily Internet for 19 baht a day (24 hours), press *104*391*9#
So overall I spent only ( 19 x 5 days) + 45 = 144 baht! Need to save for shopping lol. 
Thanks to my dad for the info!

Moving on to getting to Hua Hin!
A lot of people had been asking me how to get to Hua Hin, costs etc. So I will be explaining it all here :)

To get to Hua Hin (if you are in Bangkok), take the BTS to Victory Monument Station, or if you are taking a cab, tell the driver to go to "Century Movie Plaza". 

Once there, take exit 2, you will see a lot of white minivan. Buy your tickets there, 180 baht per person. Take note to bring small luggage only as a big luggage may cost you an extra ticket coz there's practically no extra space for luggage. But for us, when we went on Tuesday the van was not full. 

Click here for Chinese version of Bkk to Huahin guide. It's more detailed than me too lol. 

It took around 3 hours to get to Hua Hin although the driver drove like crazy and there was no jam. When we reached it was already near noon. Our hotel, Hub Hua Hin 57 was a few streets away from the minivan stop thus we walked there and requested for an early check-in!

Love the bright and airy lobby!

Sorry my face was a mess after the long ride heh. Need to freshen up!

Mom wanted a pic of the room lol here you go. 

Nothing much about the hotel actually, chose it because it's smack in the middle of town with free parking provided. Cost RM 135.09 + 500 baht (extra bed) per night 

Next, we picked up our rented car. Not that we picked up, more like they deliver the car to us at our hotel hehe. 

Lexus something for 900 baht (24 hours)

We chose TN Car Rental (Line id: tncarrental) because other car rental companies like Avis required 2 driving licenses, both drivers must be 23 and above. Like whattttt I'm totally underaged ._. Dk whether to be happy or sad lol. 

Anyhow, the price they offer is also cheaper, you only need to bring your driving license, the new version with both Malay and English translation; and also your passport. They require 2000 baht deposit too. Remember to check with them the current damages of the car before leaving!

After collecting our car, we started our self-drive trip in Hua Hin!

First stop, FN Outlet Hua Hin!

Hello pink flamingos! 

This outlet is literally on the way to the many attractions of Hua Hin, you gotta plan where you wanna go first based on their location (on your side or opposite) coz there's only one highway heading in and out Hua Hin, you don't wanna u-turn and u-turn and waste your time!

Caressing the flamingo lol!

Me and mom   Spot something weird? 
Flamingo in the dinosaur!

In front of the entrance to the mall. Lovely (and quirky) surroundings!

At the entrance to the outlet. When you see mirrors it's selfie time!

One last pic surrounded by flamingos before we left.

There's nothing to shop at the outlet. If you're expecting cheap stuff, you'll be sorely disappointed lol. They mostly sell stuff by the brand FN wtf. No idea what brand is that. 
There's a tea and cakes shop though (The Tea House). Didn't go coz we were rushing to other attractions. Sooooo we literally took pics and left hahaha!

Guess that's all for this post. Hope the (somehow) detailed post will help whoever who needs it! 

Next post will be up soon!

Till then xx