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Monday, 27 June 2016

OOTD: The Denim Skirt (Midi)

 Hottest pose of 2016 haha! Cheer up baby ~

Haven't been blogging for awhile due to my hectic schedule at uni. Totally underestimated the effort I needed to put in in order to graduate lol. But that's over, for now. It's now ma long awaited semester break! Yeay! More time to do stuff that I have been delaying heh. 

Now, denim is always in trend, and I am always on the lookout for more denim items to add into my wardrobe because they are so easy to mix and match without much effort! Here's a post I did not long ago on the Denim Jacket.  And in this post imma share about my new denim favourite, the denim skirt.

Retro and vintage-ish, this denim skirt can instantly spice up a normal outfit.

Pair it with a simple white tee and add a slim black belt for that retro vibe. 
I chose to pair the denim skirt with my slip ons for a more casual feel. If you prefer being more formal, heels would do as well! 

Me being weird and quirky hahaha 

Looks pretty awesome from the side too!

 Uniqlo White tee
Taobao Midi Denim Skirt 
Topshop checkers plimsolls
 Cotton On Slim Black Belt 

That's all for today!
SO excited for the break, my next post will be up soon, do look forward to it! xx

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