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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Pit Stop no.12 @ Lorong Chulia, Penang.

It's time for another food post! A cafe review, to be exact. 
Even though I had been to and written reviews of many cafes in Penang, there are still quite a number of cafes I've never explored. Plus new cafes and places are opening day by day D: 

Not many people know (at least I don't :P), but there are 2 Pit Stop cafes in Penang. One is Pit Stop no.12 at Lorong Chulia, another is Pit Stop no.6 at Lebuh China. I've been to the one at Lebuh China but didn't like it, as I accidentally ordered a big breakfast with sashimi that made me entirely lose my appetite :(
 (I don't like sashimi)

However, Sarah insisted for me to give it a try again, this time at Pit Stop no.12 in Lorong Chulia, and I concurred as she insisted she liked it so much hehe! And so we went. 

Pit Stop no. 12
Can you spot the trishaw? ;)

The vintage deco. Cluttered but it emanates a homey feeling. 

Cozy corner in the cafe.

Here comes the food!

Morning Starter RM 12.80
Bacon, 2 eggs (scrambled/sunny side) with side salad, hash brown and bread

Love the bacon! (who doesn't?)  Complimented with the fluffy eggs and crispy hash brown.
The bread was a bit hard to chew on, though.

3 Little Pigs RM 10.80 
(such a cute name!)
Omelette with bacon and cheese, served with side salad, hash brown and bread

Sarah said it was a lil salty with all the bacon and cheese :P

Add on black coffee for RM2.90
Freshly brewed Lavazza coffee suited my palate nicely!
I like plain black coffee, the bitter the better :P

LC's Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon RM 15.80

I tried a bite, and it was delicious! The portion was quite big with plenty of bacon, definitely worth the price.

After we finished our branch, there was still some time to kill, so we ordered dessert :)

Berry Banana Pancake RM 10.80
Hot pancake served with banana, strawberry puree and vanilla ice cream

Didn't expect too much but was definitely surprised by the huge portion. There were 2 pieces of  thick pancakes with plenty of bananas and cashew nuts. 

Overall, price was decent and food was above average. Would definitely revisit it again!

Pit Stop no. 12

Address: 12, Lorong Chulia, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours: 9am to 6pm. Open daily. GST applicable.

Ratings: 8/10

After our satisfying meal, we ventured out for some ootd shots along the street.

My simple outfit and the intricate design of the heritage building lol.

Plain white tee from Uniqlo (super comfy!)
Shorts from Forever 21
My trusty Birkens 
Bucket bag from Aldo

Last but not least, #Girlsof939495 

PS; Sorry if my English became kinda weird and stuffy, nobody speaks English to me anymore D:

Till then xx

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