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Monday, 25 January 2016


Holiday = laze mode on

Honestly, I don't get why I can find time to write in the middle of finals and yet managed not to write at all during holidays. Its as if my laptop has been reduced to being a 'drama player' wtf. 
I really don't get me. So I decided to sit down and reflect on myself, but I gave up like, 2 minutes later HAHA (I hate reflections, reflections hate me. We don't have a good relationship.)

I might as well reflect on 2015 since I haven't done it :P
2015 was a good year for me. Finished my diploma studies in March, worked part time then went to Taiwan in June (I haven't even blog about it haha) Then entered USM in September. 
Oh yeah, I am studying in USM right now! 
I know that I am so blessed to be able to study there, its been my dream uni since I was a child! Besides the fact that its like 5 minutes away from my house lol. So no need to leave home! And can eat all the Penang good food and grow fat. HAHAHAHA
So my first semester at USM is done, and its the semester break now. Can't wait to go back for the next semester! 

I'm hoping, reaaaaally hoping that I can find time to blog even though I'll be super busy in uni. That's a little promise I made to myself, to never give up writing :)

A selfie to end my first post of 2016!

PS: Yes I chopped my hair! :D No regrets!

Till then xx