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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Melaka (Food) Trip Part 1

Hiya everyone! I know I haven't finish blogging about my BKKxHH trip lol but today I'm blogging about a recent trip to Melaka before I forget all about it hehe.

It's all about food, so be prepared to drool! Haha!

1. Freeport A'Famosa Outlet

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 Open air outlet with plenty of shops! Not as cheap as expected though.
Crocs was worth a buy! Bought 5 pairs there LOL

2. Unicorn Cafe

Next stop was lunch! Was too early for check in yet late enough that when we went, their famous Babi Pongteh and Pai Tee was sold out TT 
Anyways we got to try other food they offered and it was delicious!

Nyonya Popiah RM5.50

Seriously the most yummy one I've had in this trip. The best popiah I had in my life I'm not kidding. One piece seriously cannot fit in your mouth thats how big it is. And they are very generous with the fillings.

Seh Bak RM9.90

One thing I like about this cafe is that they offer small and cheap portions so you get to try different kinds of Nyonya dishes without breaking the bank. 
This dish taste a bit like tao yiu bak, with a variety of spices.

Pongteh Ayam RM9.90 (On the left)
Kuah Lada Ikan RM9.90 (On the right)

The spices were fragrant and unique, making the gravy perfect to go with rice. Especially the fish, which is stingray, was cooked to perfection! Not too soft but not to tough as well. 

Nyonya Laksa RM5.50

For such a big bowl seriously! Waaay cheaper than the ones they sell in Jonker Street, yet still fragrant and delicious! A bit spicy, I nearly choked on the first bite lol but the soup is really nice! So different than the laksa we have in Penang. 

Otak-otak RM10

My sister loved this dish! 

Chendol RM3.50

Okay this was again the most satisfying chendol I've had in Malacca. And cheapest. Jonker Street sells this for a minimum of RM5. 
 The gula Melaka was the golden touch! And the coconut milk 
Oh the green jelly thingies and red bean are at the bottom lol.
My mom was so impressed with the gula Melaka she immediately bought some at the spot hahaha!

Ok this is not related lol but I remembered my grandma's house once had these tiles. A blast to the past :)

Totally recommended to come here if you wanna try authentic yet affordable Nyonya food!

3. Hotel Arissa

Next we went to check in at our hotel, Hotel Arissa! Was so looking forward to it coz its a newly opened hotel.

Their lobby's design is so...different from their clean and sterile rooms lol.
 And on the top left pic, I took a pic of the snack corner which we all loved, you can take and nibble on snacks we used to have when we were little. For free! So considerate of the hotel!

Look how huge the room is! Per night is only RM120 incl tax and all!

Everything is new!

The rainshower was amazing! When we went it the knob of the shower was broken lol (can you spot the evidence above) but after calling the front desk they immediately sent someone to fix it! Good service!
And yes, its see through lolol! Anyhow after pulling down the shutters you cannot see anything from outside lol.

4. Satay Celup

There was a satay celup shop just opposite of our hotel, so we went to have a try. Each stick costs RM1, which was not cheap. You can give it a try since it is unique and only available in Melaka. The one we went was Ban Li Xiang Satay Celup. 

5. Jonker Street

The street everybody goes to in Melaka lol. So basically its overcrowded and overpriced.
But everyone goes there, so you have to too lolol!

At the entrance.
We walked for about 10 minutes from our hotel to Jonker Street as parking would be crazy there.

Chicken and Coke? lol

Bought just to take pics lol. Nothing special about it.

6. Bibik Cendol House

Chendol RM5

Yes we had chendol again. But this one, the gula Melaka was not as nice as the one we had before in Unicorn cafe. But still nice to sit down in the heat and enjoy some cooling dessert.
The green jelly was separated to prevent it from freezing! Cool!
The shop was in the middle of Jonker Street, pretty easy to spot!

7. Putu Piring Tengkera

This was our supper lol. Also, we went to buy this supposingly famous putu piring near our hotel.

Putu Piring Tengkera RM1.10 per piece (top)
Popiah (2 for RM5)
Otak-otak Johor style lol (10 for RM9)
Snacks from hotel lobby 

Had high expectations and I'm not disappointed! Everything with gula Melaka is heavenly!
The putu piring is freshly made before my eyes so it was a refreshing experience. We planned to have this the next night too but was too full to have it lol. 

OK so thats all for part one! Hope you're not too hungry after reading this lol.
More to come in part two. 

Till then xx

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Beauty Review: ABBAMART 24/7 I Need Moisture Lip Balm Stick

Hello beauties! Today I'm going to introduce to you my recent fav lip product. It's been awhile since I had written any beauty reviews, so I'm quite excited to show what I've got!

in Berry Smoothie color
Bought from althea.kr, they have a promotion which is buy 2 free 1 ongoing now!

Look at how cute the packaging is! 

24/7 Balm gives your lips long lasting moisture from vitamin-packed ingredients and a shot of luscious tint in a single swipe.

Key ingredients include lip-nourishing olive oil, vitamin-packed sweet almond oil, rose hip oil and soothing shea butter to promote healthy, soft skin.

Lip balm color goes on sheer and deepens to a naturally complimentary shade that's unique to you!

Yummy red berry smoothie flavor  

This is me without any lip product on. My face looks kinda haggard and omg the chapped lips!!

 After applying a layer on my lips, my whole face brightened up! So no worries as this suits warm skin tone too :) The product itself is fairly easy to apply, just make sure it does not get on the casing outside, you don't wanna dirty the cute white outer casing.
My lips were also moisturized. Sheer, moisturizing and smells of berries, what's not to love? 

5/5, definitely worth repurchasing.

As I mentioned earlier, althea.kr is having buy 2 free 1 on certain products right now, and I bought this lip balm stick during this promo also! If you are a new user, click on this link http://my.althea.kr/referral-welcome?k=2MzQ5NzE to get RM5.00 discount + RM30 worth of new member discounts! Please refer here for T&Cs. 

And no, this is not a sponsored post. This product is bought and paid by yours truly :)

Alrighty then, that's all for this beauty review! If you wish to see more beauty reviews or have any comments for me to improve, do comment below! Thank you!

Till then xx

Sunday, 13 November 2016

OOTD: Mint Green Sunday

HELLO! Taking a breather before continuing on the next coursework. Writing an ootd post today! Photos freshly taken and edited today haha ;)
Went to church today, normally I wouldn't think much about what to wear coz I would pick anything that first came to my eye at 8am lol *brain not functioning*
But today, suddenly I was in the mood to wear mint green, so here's a combi of mint green off shoulder top and skirt that I matched!

Off Shoulder Top from Mango
Floral skater skirt from F21
Flats from Jelly Bunny
Bag from Aldo

Loving my off shoulder top ! You may had seen it before in my Hua Hin's blogpost. 
Which reminds me I haven't finish my BKKxHH posts yet wtf.
Anyways, I love the disorderly pattern that it created after I tucked it in my skirt. And its also creates a flowy and cooling effect when you wear it! Mom said it looks like she did not iron it lol. 

Floral skirt from Forever 21. 
Finally a short skater skirt that is somehow long enough for me teehee

Here's a behind the scene photo before I sign off.
These few weeks were soooooo hectic, mom was even commenting that she was surprised that I was actually studying aka reading notes LOL! See how serious I am even though its not finals *smirk* 

Gotta catch up on my BKKxHH posts and finish them asap!

Wait for me!!

Till then xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

[BKKxHH] Day 3: Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village, Hua Hin

Sorry for the abrupt lack of updates. Back to uni as a year 2 student, uni was pretty demanding, as usual TT
Anyways, continuing on my BKKxHH posts, the first stop on our last day in Hua Hin was Pleanwarn Eco Vintage Village before we returned our rented car. Entrance is free, but there's a fee for parking which is 20 or 30 baht, couldn't really remember hehe.

At the entrance. Yeah thats how my sister smiles every day. HAHA

Ate 2 cups of instant noodles as supper the night before hence my BLOATEDx2 face. 不是普通的bloated okay hahaha! Got the shorts from Hua Hin Night Market the night before for 100 baht!

Omma :)
Basically Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village consists of an open area surrounded by 3 storey building made by wood. Pretty interesting as it projects the olden days of Hua Hin!
The top floor of this village is are rooms for rent. Yes you can experience staying in this vintage village! 

Expensive car parked in the middle of the road. Yeah when you are rich you can park wherever you like lolol!

Miniature ferris wheel. They really love their ferris wheel in Thailand!

Vintage watches sold in one of the shops. 
The pocket watches especially captured my eyes as I had not seen one in real life before!

(phone not connected to plug wtf)

Woots candies and toys from the past! 

And this vintage cooler! Can't believe it was still working!

Bought some egglets to snack on. There were plenty of snacks sold there, no need to worry about getting hungry!

And I met my LOVE for the first time during this trip!!! EGGS! 
Grilled quail eggs, to be exact. SO excited I took tons of pics of the lady preparing the eggs lolll.

50 baht for 8 of em, pretty expensive but considering its in a tourist spot and I get to lounge in their air-conditioned cafe away from the sweltering heat while I enjoy this, I would say this is worth it! Oh, and it was delicious!
Few days later got this in Pratunam area for only 20 baht lol 

Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village

Located between Hua Hin soi 38 and 40
Opens daily 9am - 9pm

Stay tuned for the next post! Next week will be my sem break so will have more time to blog!
(Hopefully :D)

My other BKKxHH posts:

Till then xx

Saturday, 10 September 2016

[BKKxHH] Day 2: Youyen Garden @ Hua Hin

After leaving Swiss Sheep Farm, we went on to Youyen Garden for a light dinner. Light, because we were planning to go to the night market for supper later haha! We keep eating and eating throughout this trip lol. How to go to Youyen Garden? Just follow your GPS instructions even though it leads you there using small lanes that seemed to be inaccessible lol! Even though the journey seemed impossible but it was all worth it!

It's a beach side restaurant! The view of the vast sea is simply breathtaking.

My beach themed outfit :)
Top from MNG
Shorts from F21
Flip flops from Cotton On

Cute animals of some sorts. Possibly goats? The horns were removed, I'm guessing to prevent accidents from happening when kids run around.

Mom enjoying herself :D
The restaurant was pretty empty when we reached at around 5.30 p.m. Other tourists started to arrive by buses after sunset so we were lucky to have the place to ourselves.

Life relaxing by the beach is damn awesomeee!

A photo posted by Nicole (@nicckane) on

Posted this on IG and FB and everybody was awed by the perfect combi of man made decoration and the nature :)

A photo posted by Nicole (@nicckane) on

#BKKxHH :)

 Helpful waiters helped us to take this picture. Thank you!

Edited some birds on so the pic won't look so empty hahaha


Spot my sis being served by the waiters lolol!

 The area is very vast and relaxing, suitable for family with children too!

Our food arrived! Nachos ordered by le sis.

Seafood tomyam soup and stir fried veggies. As I said, we wanted to eat some more after this hence the few dishes hehe! The total came to 585 baht including rice and drinks, which was pretty affordable for the view itself lol.

It was pretty dark when we finally decided to leave hehe.

Still cannot get enough of this tree

Found Youyen Garden accidentally on IG and fell in love with it so I totally recommend this place to everyone! (Not to be confused with Youyen Balcony, their old restaurant which idk is still open or not) The view itself is worth the trip. They also have a coffee house Baan Kafae Hua Hin in the area, you can go there for cakes, coffee and tea if you do not want fulfilling food. Heard their coconut cake was famous but did not get to try it :( Next time perhaps!
Oh and they have English menu! Do not be intimidated by the Thai words lol!

Youyen Garden
1417/4 Petchkasem rd. (Huaysai Tai),
Hua Hin 76120
+66 32 653 014

Till then xx