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Thursday, 31 December 2015

TKYY Tied the Knot ❤

Hello! It's been ages since my last post so here I am sneaking one in between exam papers hehe! Time flies, it's already the time for finals for my first sem at USM sigh. Will blog about that once I finish my finals! 
Gonna blog a short one today, coz I only edited like 1/10 of all the pictures? D: 

Well last Saturday was my cousin's YY wedding! All of us waited for the wedding for soooooo long so we were understandably excited! All cousins were bridesmaids so we wore matching pink fuchsia skirt on the day 

With le pretty cousins 

Love how candid this is hehe

Our big big family! Look how happy we were!

With the lovely bride and groom! 我们终于等到你们结婚的这一天了!

Next, the wedding dinner at night!

This is so creative! Guests' fingerprints instead of the traditional guest book.

 A selfie with the bride! And my cousin's family :) we haz sharp chins LOL

Love this pic the most! Miss you guys already 

I haz a tummy lol

First time taking selfie with l'oncle ;)

With le mom and sis

We look so happy here :D

Frizzy hair lol. 
With cute lil Max (who stopped running around to take this selfie with me hehe :D)

Another one with YY who changed her gown haha!


Dress: Wu Fen Pu, Taiwan
Shoes: Somewhere from Taiwan lol
Bag: Taobao
Necklace: Forever 21

My heartfelt congratulations to the newlyweds! And hope you like the wedding present that we gave you :) 

Ps: Those who would like their pics that I took do pm me :))

Till then xx