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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Review: FINE Japan Diet Coffee

Was surprised to receive this box from HiShop coz normally they will email me before sending me anything haha! Anyway will be reviewing another awesome product available at HiShop ^^

Currently retailing for RM111.32 on HiShop!

This product is from Japan, so the quality and ingredients are top notch. I've never heard of diet coffee before, have you? 

Coffee is part of my daily life, so I substituted the other coffees I usually drink with this. Just drink coffee and lose weight? Sounds pretty awesome to me!

 Basically, FINE Japan Diet coffee contains Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Beans and Dietary Fibre to help you lose weight while enjoying a cuppa coffee. Sounds simple to me! 

On the inside. I had finished almost half of the coffee lol. 

How to prepare
Add 2 teaspoons of FINE diet coffee with 100-120 ml of boiling/cold water and stir well.

Even my mom wanted some haha! #likedaughterlikemom

The verdict? It tastes really good, like normal coffee but with a stronger taste, maybe because I added less water lol #coffeeaddict. Amazingly I lost about 2-3 kg in the first few days, then stopped. But I'm sure I'll lose more if I finished the whole tin in the recommended 20 days. 

Am pleased with the results, coz it's really simple to slim down using this product without compromising my lifestyle! Looking forward to slim down more also coz am gonna pig out when going to Taiwan soon! Gonna bring it to Taiwan also lol. 

Giving it a 4/5 coz still got potential to lose more!

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  1. Hi Nicole, 這個咖啡真的是會幫助瘦身?需要節食嗎?如果瓶蓋沒有關太緊會影響到它的功效嗎?請解答。謝謝。

    1. Hi Melissa, 我并没有节食,只是把平时喝的咖啡换成这个。瓶盖最好要盖紧,免得受潮。效果还不错,不过不能完全依赖它哦!