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Thursday, 30 April 2015

OOTD: Chinese New Year 2015

Hey guys! I'm sure you're enjoying the 4 days holiday huh. Recently am busy with work sigh, never thought being an educator would be so frustrating! 

The hols provided me adequate time to update my blog hehe :D Gonna blog about my ootds during the Chinese New Year yo! Starting off with a selfie that I super likey! 

Me, sis, niece and mom 

CNY day 1 

Wey I won't fall in the drain hor? 

OK I won't fall in *flipshair* LOL

Dress from Dorothy Perkins
Boots from Forever 21
Bag from Taobao

Close up of boots yo!
Wallet from Monki HK

Previous years I was clad in black, but cny is supposed to be auspicious and normally people dressed in red, so I compromised and found a dress in dark red hehe 

CNY day 2

Went to Gurney Paragon for movies! Watched Triumph in the Skies *thumbsup*

Top from Forever 21
Shorts from Taobao
Shoes from Topshop
Bag from Taobao

CNY day 3

Fatty after the buffet at Equatorial haha! 

Stupid face lol

Dress from Beezelments QB (for only RM15 D:)
Outerwear from Cotton On
Boots from Forever 21
Bag from Taobao

That's it for my cny! Hope you guys enjoyed reading. Remember to have fun and get enough rest during the holidays yo 

Till then xx


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    1. Thanks haha! Erm everybody says it looks like my facial expression lol.

  2. Very cool! Have a wonderful thursday sweetie!

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