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Thursday, 30 April 2015

OOTD: Chinese New Year 2015

Hey guys! I'm sure you're enjoying the 4 days holiday huh. Recently am busy with work sigh, never thought being an educator would be so frustrating! 

The hols provided me adequate time to update my blog hehe :D Gonna blog about my ootds during the Chinese New Year yo! Starting off with a selfie that I super likey! 

Me, sis, niece and mom 

CNY day 1 

Wey I won't fall in the drain hor? 

OK I won't fall in *flipshair* LOL

Dress from Dorothy Perkins
Boots from Forever 21
Bag from Taobao

Close up of boots yo!
Wallet from Monki HK

Previous years I was clad in black, but cny is supposed to be auspicious and normally people dressed in red, so I compromised and found a dress in dark red hehe 

CNY day 2

Went to Gurney Paragon for movies! Watched Triumph in the Skies *thumbsup*

Top from Forever 21
Shorts from Taobao
Shoes from Topshop
Bag from Taobao

CNY day 3

Fatty after the buffet at Equatorial haha! 

Stupid face lol

Dress from Beezelments QB (for only RM15 D:)
Outerwear from Cotton On
Boots from Forever 21
Bag from Taobao

That's it for my cny! Hope you guys enjoyed reading. Remember to have fun and get enough rest during the holidays yo 

Till then xx

Monday, 13 April 2015

[HongKong] Disneyland Part 2: Flights of Fantasy Parade

Alright, here's the last post for my HK's trip ahah! Like finally hehe ^^

Continuing from the last post, we went for lunch before going to the main event of the day.

Steak with vegetables and fries
Forgot the price but this one is pretty decent. Walloped all the fries though haha!

Japanese curry set
This one is pretty good, the 2 pieces of fried thingys at the top left are rice, to my utter surprise and delight! Curry was delightful! The salad and fruits balanced the meal as opposed to the previous set.

All sets come with a cup of drink.

After lunch, we moved on to the venue where the Flight of Fantasy parade started!

Let the parade begin!

Hello Donald and Goofy!

Donald was pretty stoked to see me! Haha

One of the chipmunks! Not sure which one though.

Can you guess what they are portraying! Idk how they can move in that blades leh!!!
Pooh in his honey pot!

Ola Eeyore! #He'sAwake hahaha

The pretty princesses 

Tinkerbell refused to look at me :(

Look at the rollers underneath their skirt helping them to move!!!

Stitch smiled at me omg ❤ #InLove

He waved at me!!! 

He's sad to see me go!!!Omg Stitch kajimaaaa  HAHAHA #ThinkTooMuch 

Buzz Lightyear yo!

Pretty Jessie 

The green soldiers. 
They're real human y'know! How they get the paint on and off I have no idea lol!

After the parade, went and tried the Space Mountain roller coaster!

Got the express tickets but there was no line lol! So me n sis went on many times! Mom was dizzy after 1 ride hahaha so she waited for us outside hehee

Disney Golden Musical (I think) was fascinating and brought back a lot of memories 

Here's a random pic of me lining up to take picture with Princess Belle. Love my hair here hahaha❤ 
Tourist shot in front of the castle!

A last pic before we leave ❤ 
Did not stay for the fireworks coz we were dead tired and did not want to be caught in the crowd. 
Had an enjoyable time with le fam at  the happiest place on Earth ❤ ❤ ❤ 
Also bought a lot of Disney stuff, and more in the HK airport where we nearly missed our flight coz we were too busy buying stuff in the Disney store lol. So no haul posts as most of them were given away before I could take a pic sigh 

Well next post would be up quite soon coz I'm pretty free! See y'all soon yeah ❤ 

Till then xx