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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Sekeping Victoria @ Lebuh Victoria, GeorgeTown.

Update: Food is available at Sekeping Victoria now, provided by Awesome Canteen. 

So excited coz last paper is next Monday! So that gives me the time to blog before studying hehe. Well its been ages since I went cafe hopping, so went to a few cafes with Sarah that we've never been before 2 weeks ago.

Sekeping Victoria! 
We were looking for it but couldn't find it but turns out we parked directly in front of it wtf! The only sign visible from the road is the "V" sign.

Sat in the outer area at first coz the place that we wanted was occupied. 
Love the open space concept of the cafe, but it tend to be stifling and hot even though there's fans and airconds. 

The menu. Only drinks coz food/cakes are subject to availability. 

What we ordered:
Bailey's mille crepe RM15
Mocha RM10.50
Immune booster RM8 (orange, pineapple, lemon etc)

Mille crepe was nice! Very flavorful and rich. Definitely better than Twelve Cups hehe.
But it's quite pricey tho :/

The mocha has more coffee taste than chocolate, Sarah didn't like it but it's okay to me. 
Has simple coffee art.

Cakes, coffee and sausages :P

Saw this caption on IG and wanna copy it heee

We then moved to the seats inside previously occupied by Sarah's friend lol! 

The ambiance is really wonderful! Nowadays people pay big bucks just for the ambiance hor.

Above there is the hostel area that the cafe manages. Nice!

Guess how we took this picture? Haha not gonna tell :P

Whatcha lookin at? Lemme see!

Oooooo.... *gossip*

My current lockscreen wallpaper *vain*

Love the tree soooo much! Feel like bringing it home haha 

Writing on the wall

Sarah scrolling through the pics I took for her

I really am vain. Selfie 

A pic at the outside of the cafe before leaving. Sunlight is awesome but it's pretty hot! 

Top from H&M
Bottom from Hatyai
Bag from Taobao

Had fun with Sarah! And taking ootds haha! Thanks for the lovely ootd shots 
 Next time LC also must come ah!

Overall it's worth the visit, ambiance is good for friend's gathering and such although price can be a lil bit daunting for students like us. Be sure to lookout for the cakes of the day! 

164, Lebuh Victoria, Georgetown, 10300 Pulau Pinang.

Till then xx