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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Valentine's 2015

Wasn't aware that today's the last day of February until I saw a friend's tweet. Oh em gee immediately felt a pinch of guilt for neglecting my blog for weeks! And still my HK posts and Krabi posts and sponsored posts are not complete yet what a procrastinator am I. Sigh. 

But here's a short post bout what I did this Valentine's. Spent it with my 女神! What? You don't know who she is?

Tadaa! Isn't she gorgeous  

Doing the awkward-tourist-pose even though I pleaded her not to hahaha

Wah got wind blow the hair mia lolol!

And the 回眸一笑  

Her daughter also not bad la hor! Hahaha

Crop top from H&M
Floral shorts from Forever 21

Jaw-ache pose lolol

Slightly pissed-off face coz the shopping bags were super heavy and I have to lug it from Paragon to Gurney Plaza lol. 

Not forgetting to take a picture of my 女神妈咪 hehehe

Before watching Kingsman, at an al-fresco dining area just beside TGV. 

Kingsman is awesome, btw. Go watch if you haven't!

I think I posted this pic on IG. I think?

Really enjoyed the date with my mom. It's been ages since I had a chance to watch a movie with her. Thanks to Line Malaysia for the free tix hehe! 

Oh and before I forgot, another sponsored post coming up! 
Slightly battered box as Skynet took more than a week to deliver it to my house lol. Look forward to it kay?

Till then xx

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Haven Harbour @ Chime Heritage

Wanted to blog about HK Disneyland but le sis took my hard disk to school. Without asking for my permission wtf. #lilsisproblem

So looked through my camera and decided to blog about The Haven Harbour at Chime Heritage near Nagore Road.

Went with Sarah and Sally (wah their names rhyme) after hearing that the chocolate lava rocks! It was after taking my MUET last year November so no selfies as I look all frazzled and tired haha!

Cute nutcracker ornament on the table.

The bar with cakes and muffins of the day. And look at the colourful cups they use for the drinks!

The counter. The cafe is self-service so pay and order there!

The menu we 'abducted' from the counter to peruse haha! Enlarge or zoom to read ehehe

What we ordered:

54% Dark Chocolate (Hot) RM9.90

Wasn't expecting anything from this drink tbh so it was surprising to find it good! 
They used Belgian dark chocolate so it was pleasantly dark and chocolatey. Chocolate fans will  this to death! And the biscotti was crunchy, perfect to dip inside the hot choc. 

I shared this with Sarah, but if this portion is too much for you there's a smaller version for only RM4.90. It's called Baby 54% Dark Chocolate, such a cute name 

Creamy Carbonara RM18.90
Rich cream, fresh button mushroom with smoky bacon.

Cream is rich, yeah. So rich its perfect for us 3 person to share haha! The bacon is also deliciously smoked and compliments the dish. Overall, nice but nothing to shout about. Although the portion is for one person, if you eat it alone surely jilat one hahaha especially if you plan to eat their signature dessert.

Which brings us to the star of the day

Haven Harbour Chocolate Assiette RM 16.90
Chocolate Lava cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream coated with Oreo Crumbs and Marshmallow

Ice cream melted a bit, but that's not a problem as it goes well with the lava cake! Aiya forgot to take a pic of the chocolate flowing out when we cut the cake haha! Rest assured, it was so delicious it certainly was the best chocolate lave I had ever had  So gooey and chocolatey, no wonder it was their signature! Now they also have a Matcha version of this omg have to go try it.

The marshmallow, well tasted like a marshmallow hahaha!

My verdict
Love the chocolate drink omg  Plus the dessert was undeniably good, will definitely go back again for the Matcha version haha! They also offer free water which was infused with orange the day we went. According to the waitress everyday they use different fruits!
And the best part? No gov tax no service charge! So what you see is what you pay! 

Well that's all for this post of cafe hopping around Penang! 
Do comment your review on this cafe or recommend me any cafes that you think are worthy for a visit.

The Haven Harbour

No. 21, Chime Heritage, Jalan Bawasah, 10500, Georgetown, Penang. (behind Penang Plaza)

11 am to 10 pm on weekdays; 11 am to 12 am on weekends. Opens Daily. 

Till then xx

Friday, 6 February 2015


Was scrolling through Instagram this afternoon and suddenly was hit by an inspiration. Coz I saw all these pretty flatlays and thought, why not do one? New label #flatlay haha! 

Since I was bored haha so immediately got to work! This is my first time actually spending time to arrange stuff and trying to make em look pretty and neat. Newbie here so do comment and tell me what you think! Coz I think I pretty much suck in making stuff aesthetically interesting. 

Well the pictures are quite similar (as I only have limited accessories haha!) and feat. the same magazine coz I only have one here with me.

Anyways let the pics do the talking!
Marie Claire magazine
Lovisa silver necklace
Inspired Chanel Note 1 casing
Esprit watch
F21 tartan hairband/bracelet

Red bracelet from IG shop @lefiucious
Clinique lipbalm (in beige)
F21 lipgloss (in orange)
H&M makeup bag

Blue-gold bracelet - gift

Featuring my current fav phone case, a gift from my bestie Yyi-Ran 

I so need PhotoShop, can you believe I use Mei Tu Xiu Xiu to edit my pictures sigh. 
Anyways, what do you think? 

Till then xx