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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

[HongKong] Disneyland Part 1

Just K.O.ed my public speaking quiz! Yeayers! Anyways was resting before tackling assignments *sigh* so decided to edit and post about Hong Kong Disneyland. There will be 2 parts coz too much pics to share haha! The parade especially *hearteyes*

Went there on September 2014 (last year lmao) so the decorations are all Halloween.

Swollen face fml. On the Disneyland express!

Love how they pay attention to the lil details like the window, decorations...

And omg Mickey handles 

Finally at the entrance with our Toy Story theme tickets!
FYI the tickets can be bought at China Travel Services (CTSHK) for a discounted price. Save the time to queue! 

No edits. I'm a fab photographer. But when ppl take pics of me...

Bleurgh. Heavily edited to make it brighter. 
But still not as bright as the pic above saddieme TT

Selfie better la hor. Flawless sia ahaha

Once you get inside, remember to grab a map or else you'll get lost for sure. Ask the helpful staff for help to take pictures etc they're super friendly de!

Once inside, first things first. Guess who we're queuing up to meet?

Mickey and Minnie 

Don't judge. Am in the happiest place on earth wtf.

Girls' paradise 
Detoured into a merchandise store and found these but why don't have my size lol!

Tarzan's Treehouse. 
Nothing much coz I was kinda expecting a real life naked Tarzan hahaha!

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars at the Grizzly Gouch
This roller-coaster is highly recommended! Went on it twice if not mistaken haha!

Mystic Manor at Mystic Point 
This is a must go too! Totally enjoyed the show, and yeah the air-cond also haha! You have no idea how hot it is at the park. NO clouds at all.

Selfie while queuing for the ride.

Toy Story Land! 
No edits. 
The roller coaster (the orange arc thingy at the back) and Soldier's parachute ride are the main attractions in the area.

 Yeah we went for the children-safe Slinky Dog ride too. Just because haha!

So safe we could even take a pic in the ride lol!

Why Q i have no idea. 

I think this pic is perfect for my cover pic but someone thinks its too vulgar wtf. 
Anyways ♥ this lil monster! (lil in the movie but so freakin huge here!)

While strolling along we met Donald Duck too! He's dressed in a Halloween costume aww how cute!

I'm sure you feel the happiness radiating from the pics I took! Please look forward to more pics in the 2nd part 

Till then xx

Monday, 12 January 2015

Unfinished business

Posting my first post of 2015 on the day public schools in Malaysia reopen, so apt yea? Hahaha anyways had been sooo lazy recently I swear my butt had grown a size larger wtf! 

Righto so 2014 had been a good year for me. Went on countless dates with my friends, even long lost ones that came back from other countries. 

Interned in KL (all the good food yea), attended concerts and movie screenings thanks to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp.

Went on a trip with le fam which I haven't even finished blogging about and another trip with my roomies omg the pending posts make me swirl. 

I am blessed to have such a wonderful 2014! Wah never realized my social life seems very packed lidat hor! How can 2015 possibly compete I have no idea. But I'm positively looking forward to it!

My new fiction is still in process. Was reading Julia Quinn when I wrote the first chapter so the grammar is kinda weird coz of the classical English I've been reading hahaha! Moved on to Nora Roberts so will be updating more, hopefully!

Sneak peek of my upcoming posts!
 Guess where I've been!

Don't judge. I'm in the happiest place on Earth okay.

And yea, what is the use of a decent camera when people can't take a nice picture of you. I look so freakin tanned. Poor Minnie got her ears and shoes cut off. All the money spent for what? So I can take good pictures of other people?  Eurgh. 

Well this...this...I cannot explain this. 
Credits to the photographer for this pic tho. Lightning was superb haha!

I guess that's it for this post. More to come! I swear I'm gonna keep my blog alive no matter what it takes heheheheheehehehe

Kthxbye till then xx