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Thursday, 31 December 2015

TKYY Tied the Knot ❤

Hello! It's been ages since my last post so here I am sneaking one in between exam papers hehe! Time flies, it's already the time for finals for my first sem at USM sigh. Will blog about that once I finish my finals! 
Gonna blog a short one today, coz I only edited like 1/10 of all the pictures? D: 

Well last Saturday was my cousin's YY wedding! All of us waited for the wedding for soooooo long so we were understandably excited! All cousins were bridesmaids so we wore matching pink fuchsia skirt on the day 

With le pretty cousins 

Love how candid this is hehe

Our big big family! Look how happy we were!

With the lovely bride and groom! 我们终于等到你们结婚的这一天了!

Next, the wedding dinner at night!

This is so creative! Guests' fingerprints instead of the traditional guest book.

 A selfie with the bride! And my cousin's family :) we haz sharp chins LOL

Love this pic the most! Miss you guys already 

I haz a tummy lol

First time taking selfie with l'oncle ;)

With le mom and sis

We look so happy here :D

Frizzy hair lol. 
With cute lil Max (who stopped running around to take this selfie with me hehe :D)

Another one with YY who changed her gown haha!


Dress: Wu Fen Pu, Taiwan
Shoes: Somewhere from Taiwan lol
Bag: Taobao
Necklace: Forever 21

My heartfelt congratulations to the newlyweds! And hope you like the wedding present that we gave you :) 

Ps: Those who would like their pics that I took do pm me :))

Till then xx

Friday, 17 July 2015

The Korean Beauty Craze: Althea Korea

Introducing to you, Althea.kr the first online shopping website to bring you beauty products shipped directly from Korea!

Okay this post isn't sponsored, I just couldn't refrain myself from sharing this wonderful news with the whole world coz the products they are selling are so cheap! (us girls cannot resist cheap stuff haha!) Just head on to Althea.kr and have a look!

Well, let's see what I bought from Althea, shall we?

They bubble-wrapped the box nicely, thumbs up! Delivery was fast too, considering they shipped it from Korea. I ordered on 8th July and received on 15th July.

Pink box 

Nicely wrapped and stuffed with pink tissues!

Every girl's must have! Can apply on literally your whole body, including hair.
They have a RM1 sale for this but I missed it TT Okay la RM15 also consider cheap la right??

For me this is the to-go version of the aloe vera gel! Now I can bring it out with me anywhere! And the fact that its a spray makes my life easier lol. No need to deal with sticky hands :P

100% rebate for this mask! Means that they will rebate the money as points into my acc! In other words this is free O.O Good deal or what?!

Good stuff come in pairs lol. I already used the scrub and it cleans up blackheads nicely! It also won't irritate and dry your skin. Gonna repurchase it when I used it up! #Thinkingforthefuturewtf

Total damage: RM100

Now they have opening promotion which is free shipping upon purchase of RM100, and I hit the mark exactly haha! So what are you waiting for girls, head on to Althea and shop! 

Till then, xx

Friday, 10 July 2015

Living Room, Macalister Mansion

I love simplicity. White and black. White is my fav, though I couldn't quite carry the color due to my skintone *sobs. So you can understand why I wanted to go to Macalister Mansion, coz its in all white!  Finally went with my dear bff Yyi-Ran who always willingly went food hunting with me 

Swim area and bar! So white and so...empty lol!

It looked a bit shallow to me, but I think people come here to pose and take pics in their bikini only HAHA

There are a few areas in MM itself, and we went to Living Room for tea. 

 The interior of Living Room, so white and garden-ish!! *in love*

The afternoon tea set, which we didn't order coz of the weird crab thingy then. But I think they already changed the menu now! Gonna go again! *money saving mode*

 Some random cake we ordered. Tasted ok only. 

 Little cakes, 4 for RM10!

 The red one is beetroot something, which was surprisingly good!
The rest were carrot cake, tiramisu and choc cake. All of the cakes were delicious and we literally gobbled them up! (after taking tons of pictures of course)

Tasted fine, but they forgot to give the jam and butter to us and we forgot to take it from them TT

 Wo de mei nv 

 Me and my double chin wth. I seriously cannot resist good food!

 Selfie on the silver teapot. Hee
We ordered English Breakfast if I'm not mistaken. The tea list was soooo long we couldn't be bothered to read it haha!

 Love love love the ambiance of Living Room. Everything is in white 

The bill came to RM50+ including gst, which was wayyy cheaper than the afternoon tea set. Recommended for 2 light eaters.


 And a reading corner like this too! The drawing and decorations on the wall were so creative and cute!

 You may had seen this pic on my IG. Like...a few months ago D: #procrastinator

 So pretty I can't. 

 Selfie time 


 Gosh miss her so much! Can't wait to come out yumcha again!
Btw jiayou oh 
I will patiently wait for you while watching drama de hahaha

 Ending with a picture, surrounded by white, all white, everything white 

Living Room, Macalister Mansion 
Address: 228, Jalan Macalister, Georgetown, 11400 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-228 3888

Till then, xx

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Review: Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set

This review is specially for girls who suffer from hair-fall problem *winks*

Received Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set from Hishop :)
It contains a shampoo and conditioner.
And they have a brand new packaging! I prefer this modernize packaging compared to the previous black one. I used to think they for men only lolol. 

Who is zat girl omg I want her hair!

Hair Fall Control Shampoo 200ml

The BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo is effective for hair fall due to oily scalp, hair fall due to excess androgenic hormone on the scalp, hair fall due to an imbalance of microelements on the scalp and any other types of hair fall (hair fall due to work stress, environmental pollution, incorrect method of hair was/perming). 

Hair Fall Control Conditioner 200ml

Mildly soothes the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles and solidifies hair root to effectively reduce hair loss. 

Verdict: Asked my mom to tried it out for me as my hair fall problem is not that serious :P
According to her, her hair fall is lesser than before, and she likes the fragrance of the shampoo. But after she used the conditioner her hair is not as silky as she expected, a lil bit rough, in fact. She felt that her roots were stronger too, as when she combed her hair less hair fell out. Since this is a hair fall shampoo and conditioner I guess it already did its job ;) 

Score: 3/5

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Till then xx