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Monday, 15 December 2014

Basil, Le Bistrot @ GeorgeTown, Penang.

In the midst of studying comes the mood to update a post HAHA typical me

Went to this highly raved cafe with YyiRan le bestie! Yea we always hunt cafes together hee 

 They have a complimentary bottle of water for you so there's no need to order any drinks! 

Selfie before the food comes 
 #MyFriendisMoreGorgeousThanYours hahaa

Lovely ambiance to chill out! And friendly waitresses too!

Tarte Au Citron (Lemon Tart) 
*price forgotten hehe*

Iz good! Tangy and refreshing. 
Y'all should know beforehand that I don't like whipped cream, when ordering frap in Starbucks I always skip the cream but here, the cream is shooo nice coz it served to balance the tangyness of the lemon! Yyi and I love it!

Artistic shot HAHAHA Guess what it is?

Demi Breakfast RM18
Streaky bacon, buttered mushrooms, baked beans, homemade hashbrown, toast and scrambled eggs.

Besides the somewhat hard to chew bread, everything is good! We did not order the full breakfast coz we're going to Jack n Co. later (omg see how late I'm posting this lol) so demi is perfect for us. 
The homemade hashbrown is delish. You can taste the slices of potato (hi potato fanatic here)! 

The baked beans. The quantity is a lil disappointing as the bucket is so damn huge lol.

Posted this on my ig 12 weeks ago :P 

Best of all? 
NO tax! So what you see is what you pay. Convenient for those who come with friends (like me) so we don't have to berpaling tadah because of the bill wtf.

My beloved bestie  
Haven't met you in awhile but you'll always be in my heart 

Basil, Le Bistrot
9, Kek Chuan Road, 10400 George Town, Penang 
(the road directly opp UMNO building)

Till then xx

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