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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Review: Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Broccoli Mask

Truth was I tagged along with mom to the supermarket to buy broccoli so that I can do a simple photoshoot for this review but that very night mom cooked it for dinner ._. 


So I guess you can deduce from the statement above that I'm doing a review about something related to broccoli! Thanks to HiShop 

Love love love the pink box! Have a few in my collection now hehe

Here it is!

Yep you got it right! Broccoli mask! Initially I was skeptical, but at the same time curious because truthfully this is the first time I've seen broccoli used in skincare. 

Contains Fresh Broccoli and Centella Asiatica extract sedativescare delivered to your skin purely. The natural cellulose tencel sheets are highly demotropic and fixed easily on skin. Helpful for intensive skin care and deliver the effects of enriched essense softly.

No real life broccoli green background also can do haha

There's a simple step-by-step diagram on the back. Read the instructions carefully before you apply the mask! 

First up, cleanse your face and apply toner. Then put the mask on.
Remove after 15-20 minutes.
That easy!

The mask smells like aloe vera! Very relaxing, clean kinda smell. I liked the intricate pattern of the mask. It does not fall off easily although I moved around (in my sleep wtf) quite a lot coz its demotropic as mentioned in the description. 

I apologize for the messy hair ._.
(that happens after you lie down and relax by closing your eyes for some time wtf)

Not much difference on my face except that the spot on my forehead calmed down from a fiery red to dull red haha. One thing I like is that its kinda gel like so there won't be dripping liquid when you remove it from the package! However, after using it there will be a sticky residue on your face which remains for hours! 

Apart from that, the mask was lovely! Gave me an excuse to relax for some time heh. 

Rating 3/5 

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