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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Review: Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Broccoli Mask

Truth was I tagged along with mom to the supermarket to buy broccoli so that I can do a simple photoshoot for this review but that very night mom cooked it for dinner ._. 


So I guess you can deduce from the statement above that I'm doing a review about something related to broccoli! Thanks to HiShop 

Love love love the pink box! Have a few in my collection now hehe

Here it is!

Yep you got it right! Broccoli mask! Initially I was skeptical, but at the same time curious because truthfully this is the first time I've seen broccoli used in skincare. 

Contains Fresh Broccoli and Centella Asiatica extract sedativescare delivered to your skin purely. The natural cellulose tencel sheets are highly demotropic and fixed easily on skin. Helpful for intensive skin care and deliver the effects of enriched essense softly.

No real life broccoli green background also can do haha

There's a simple step-by-step diagram on the back. Read the instructions carefully before you apply the mask! 

First up, cleanse your face and apply toner. Then put the mask on.
Remove after 15-20 minutes.
That easy!

The mask smells like aloe vera! Very relaxing, clean kinda smell. I liked the intricate pattern of the mask. It does not fall off easily although I moved around (in my sleep wtf) quite a lot coz its demotropic as mentioned in the description. 

I apologize for the messy hair ._.
(that happens after you lie down and relax by closing your eyes for some time wtf)

Not much difference on my face except that the spot on my forehead calmed down from a fiery red to dull red haha. One thing I like is that its kinda gel like so there won't be dripping liquid when you remove it from the package! However, after using it there will be a sticky residue on your face which remains for hours! 

Apart from that, the mask was lovely! Gave me an excuse to relax for some time heh. 

Rating 3/5 

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Quintessential Fossil Watches

I'm always on the lookout for pretty accessories to compliment my outfit, although most of the time my outfits are always plain coz I don't really know how to accessorize lol. I have tons of bracelets, necklaces and such, but they're not my staple accessories to be exact. Some may forget that watches are also accessories as you wear them daily! (That is, IF you wear a watch afterall HAHA) 

My 3-year -old trusty watch has always been my staple accessory. But maybe its time to upgrade? Naturally, I first thought of Fossil watches! Always love their leather bags, sadly not able to afford one, and their watches are unbelievably gorgeous too! You can style your looks with your Fossil watches easily, as they are classic timepieces that goes well with almost every look. 

I must say that this rose gold stainless steel Fossil watch perfectly compliments the pastel purple dress. So feminine and gorgeous! This classic timepiece instantly brings out the girly side of you and glams up your entire outfit. Pair it with shiny but understated jewellery so it does not steal away the limelight of the watch. It is also ideal to pair up with office wear as it looks formal, too.

If you're going for a more minimalist look, then the coloured plated stainless steel Fossil watch will be perfect to spice up your casual outfit. The timepiece definitely goes well with jeans, the picture above is proof haha! And the colour is simply lovely! I have numerous tops bottoms and a pair of Converse in this colour. You can also wear a black and white outfit, then paired with this watch so the colour will pop!

Omg so glam! I will never be able to achieve this look lol. Gold will always look fabulous no matter on who. Pair a gold wrist watch with bracelets to achieve the glam look! Stack bracelets of various metals, colours, textures and hues with the timepiece to look chic.

I guess this is the end of my post, had so much fun writing this! Fashion is my passion, no doubt haha! Alrighty signing off for now!


Friday, 3 October 2014

Jack & Co, Penang.

Update: Jack & Co. has closed down in Penang island. They are now based in Icon City, Bukit Mertajam. 

Wanna get this post up before I start watching 使徒行者 HAHAHA! Yea I know I damn late start but better late than never right!! Drama marathon woohoo!

Taking a break from my HK posts, here's a post about the newest restaurant in town! If you're a Penangite, surely you've seen people posting about this restaurant in Instagram haha.

Jack & Co, the first shipping container concept restaurant in Penang! We went at approximately 5pm coz it opens from 5pm till late night. 

Went with my lovely Yyi-Ran  We sat inside the container as you can see! 

 Me! The piled up pallets were awfully uncomfortable. by the way. Hurts even tho I perched on them. 

Selfie while waiting for the food to come. Thanks to the 20mp camera my pimple so visible!!!

Free water in Carlsberg glass cup that they prolly use to serve beer in the night haha!

Smoked Duck Carbonara RM22

Carbonara is so so, the spaghetti is swimming in the sauce, but the few pieces of smoked duck on top taste heavenly! Worth a try, I guess.  

Apple Crumble RM15

Me and Yyi agree that the caramelized apple tasted weird lol. It's our personal opinion la. But the biscuits crumbs, fruits and choc sauce compliments the glob of vanilla ice cream. 

Another selfie before eating lolol

Vintage Top 
Bottom from Hatyai (RM20 why so cheappp!)
 Fitflop as usual wtf
Bag from H&M

The container where we sat.

Night view!

 The al fresco dining area. 

 Pretty wine towers!

And the toilet lolol

Parking is pretty limited. We went there earlier so parking was not a problem for us. But around 7pm the carpark was already full, we had a hard time reversing and getting out from our parking space as some cars double parked. And the space was immediately parked by another incoming car lol. So beware! The concept is quite new, and I believe they are coming out with a new menu, so you can go and have a try! (And take pictures lol)

Jack & Co
348, Jalan Datuk Keramat. (Opp Federal Cinema)

My beloved bff Yyi! ♥ you muchie muchie! 
Thanks for always coming with me to explore new cafes and restaurants in Penang ahaha 

Till then xx