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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review: Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam

Ohai! Writing this review a few days before the dateline fml. No la actually I was experimenting with my new cam, filters and settings blablabla. Sorry for being a newbie lolol.

Before I go off topic again. Was super excited when I received this pink box from HiShop! Girls love their pink, and HiShop certainly does too! (I'm secretly wondering if HiShop is a girl wtf)

Simple and elegant design of the box. I likey!

Guess what's in the pink box?

Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam 
RM29.90 for 170g

Was surprised at how big the bottle is lolol.
So here's the description:

Deep Cleansing, Pore Care and Moisturizing

Recommended for rough and tired skin (me me me!)

Total solution for rough skin as it smoothen your skin to an even texture while removing dirt and old dead skin cells and impurities. 

Feature: Rice flour and mixed cereal extracts dissolves dead skin cells without causing irritation, leaving your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Rice water helps to even the skin tone while calming irritated skin caused by cleansing.

-Blend in well with make-up

- Radiant and refreshed complexion

-Smooth skin whenever you touch
- Soft skin texture

Okay I'll admit the name is a handful and I copied it from the net wtf. Never heard of the brand so went and Googled about it so imagine my surprise when I found out it is under Samsung. Yes, the Samsung that produces electrical products and the phone I'm using now lolol! So it must be good la! In the same way that the other Samsung products are good hehe. And the price is really affordable for a Korea product!

Time to try it!

First, squirt some on your palm and lather it.
Eh don't say I very kiamsiap or what. This little amount is enough for my big face leh!

See? So much foam! My gosh what was I thinking showing my bare face without glasses.

Ok, before I regret.

Le face after using the cleansing foam. No edits. Please ignore my messy hair and double chin wtf.

My skin feels soft and clean after using the product hehehe but the little bumps and pimple scars are still there. Not expecting them to disappear after using it, (that would be a miracle) but think they will eventually.
Not to mention some of my blackheads disappear (which is not visible in this picture)

I loved the fact that this cleansing foam is a scrub in disguise (see description in pic above), you have no idea how much I love scrub and the tingly feeling after using it, my fav is Clinique's but this one from Deoproce is gonna top my list coz it's so affordable! It's also suitable for all skin types too!

Overall I would give it a 4.5/5
(coz the lil bumps on my faces havent disappeared miraculously wtf).
This is definitely a product to try out if you're having problems with rough skin!

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Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

Till then xx

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