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Monday, 29 September 2014

[HongKong] 富記粥品,旺角 (Fuk Kee Congee, Mongkok)

Typing the title for this post is a torture, it makes me miss Hong Kong delicacies even more TT But I very 好心 wanna share with you all the HK local delicacies HAHAHA *smirks* more like making everybody hungry reading my post la wtf

The 2nd day in Hong Kong, we went for breakfast at this shop named 富記粥品 located at Mongkok. It took us ages to find the shop as the streets in HK are super longggg you cannot imagine. 

I was like, whaaat? Why end of the road still cannot find the shop?! Asked some locals and found out that the road continues on the opposite side wtf. Okay obviously this pic was taken at night, just to show you guys an example of how long the street is.

Picture taken from the web.

皮蛋牛肉粥 Century Egg and Beef Congee
 HKD 32

粉肠猪肉粥 Intestine Pork Congee 
HKD 32

The second congee was customized coz I don't eat pork liver heehee. I was pleasantly surprised by the silky smooth texture of the Guang Dong congee (廣東粥), very flavorful and delicious! The beef and pork slices in both the congees was tender and succulent, and the portion is quite a lot.

 鲜虾肠 Shrimp Rice Rolls 

The rice rolls (chee cheong fun) were somewhat different from what we have in Malaysia. It's a little thicker and of course bigger in size. The prawns inside were super big! They are very generous with the ingredients I tell you. Not the teeny weeny baby prawns like Msia lol. 

Our fulfiling breakfast yums!

In fact, the food impressed us so much that we decided to go there for dinner also HAHAHA

烧鹅叉烧饭  Barbecued Pork and Roasted Goose Rice 
HKD 32

See liao also damn syiok eh this rice. The roasted goose is so good! Juicy and tender with the crispy skin. The char siew is also tasty but its quite oily la haha! Just that the rice is a bit dry. Oh and the sauce is plum sauce, taste quite good with the meat too!

咖哩牛肉饭 Curry Beef Rice 
(sorry forgotten the price hehe)

The curry rice is also tasty but I personally don't like the green pepper. Nothing much about this, shoulda order the congee again lol.

富记粥品 Fuk Kee Congee


104-106 Fa Yuen Street Mong Kok.

Thats all for this post! I guess if you've read my first post you will realize by now that my HK posts will be by places and not by days. I don't want my posts to be long coz it will take time loading, and obviously I will have more posts if I blog by places of attraction :P 

Till then xx

Friday, 26 September 2014

[HongKong] Stanford Hotel, Hong Kong.

Olla! If you've followed me on Instagram, you might have known that I just came back from a trip to Hong Kong! Today I'm gonna blog about the hotel that we stayed at during the 2nd 3rd and 4th night. The first night we stayed at a room rented through Airbnb which was nothing to shout about, so not gonna recommend that.

Before embarking on a trip, after booking the flight tickets then its a must to book the hotel you're going to stay! After researching online I finally chose Stanford Hotel, located at Mongkok Hong Kong. And, boy, it was beyond my expectations.

Stanford Hotel
No. 118, Soy Street, Hong Kong.
Totally different from the pictures posted in Agoda lol. Please update your pics la okay!
Look so huge and comfy.
At least to us la coz we spent the first night in a small compact room where I literally bumped my arms every time I turn wtf. Oh and the dent in the bed was where my sis sat before I shooes her away hahaa!

Love the sitting area! And the view omg!

Night view. 
Erm I just realized you can see my Mister Potato HAHAHA I love them so much I bring them everywhere wtf. 

Wanted to act chio but ended up looking like a ghost HAHAA


Two bottles of complimentary water every dayyyy! 
The ones on the bottom are the free ones, you'll need to pay for the ones on the top. 

 And free cookies on our last night!

Le cam totally understands me and focuses on the choc one hahaha

Selfie in the lift. Pardon my disheveled look hehee

Omg just realized I forgotten to take a pic of the bathroom hahah psps

Price: RM362.48 (with tax and everything) per night, the cheapest in the vicinity and nearest to the mtr station, trust me, I checked. And researched like for a few weeks before deciding lol.

Housekeeping everyday, a few char chan teng and a 7-eleven just a few steps away. Free Wi-Fi, luggage storage when we got there earlier. Whats more to ask for? 

Will continue blogging about Hong Kong, but need to edit pictures first ahha. The pictures in this post are all unedited lol. 

Till then xx

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review: Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam

Ohai! Writing this review a few days before the dateline fml. No la actually I was experimenting with my new cam, filters and settings blablabla. Sorry for being a newbie lolol.

Before I go off topic again. Was super excited when I received this pink box from HiShop! Girls love their pink, and HiShop certainly does too! (I'm secretly wondering if HiShop is a girl wtf)

Simple and elegant design of the box. I likey!

Guess what's in the pink box?

Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam 
RM29.90 for 170g

Was surprised at how big the bottle is lolol.
So here's the description:

Deep Cleansing, Pore Care and Moisturizing

Recommended for rough and tired skin (me me me!)

Total solution for rough skin as it smoothen your skin to an even texture while removing dirt and old dead skin cells and impurities. 

Feature: Rice flour and mixed cereal extracts dissolves dead skin cells without causing irritation, leaving your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Rice water helps to even the skin tone while calming irritated skin caused by cleansing.

-Blend in well with make-up

- Radiant and refreshed complexion

-Smooth skin whenever you touch
- Soft skin texture

Okay I'll admit the name is a handful and I copied it from the net wtf. Never heard of the brand so went and Googled about it so imagine my surprise when I found out it is under Samsung. Yes, the Samsung that produces electrical products and the phone I'm using now lolol! So it must be good la! In the same way that the other Samsung products are good hehe. And the price is really affordable for a Korea product!

Time to try it!

First, squirt some on your palm and lather it.
Eh don't say I very kiamsiap or what. This little amount is enough for my big face leh!

See? So much foam! My gosh what was I thinking showing my bare face without glasses.

Ok, before I regret.

Le face after using the cleansing foam. No edits. Please ignore my messy hair and double chin wtf.

My skin feels soft and clean after using the product hehehe but the little bumps and pimple scars are still there. Not expecting them to disappear after using it, (that would be a miracle) but think they will eventually.
Not to mention some of my blackheads disappear (which is not visible in this picture)

I loved the fact that this cleansing foam is a scrub in disguise (see description in pic above), you have no idea how much I love scrub and the tingly feeling after using it, my fav is Clinique's but this one from Deoproce is gonna top my list coz it's so affordable! It's also suitable for all skin types too!

Overall I would give it a 4.5/5
(coz the lil bumps on my faces havent disappeared miraculously wtf).
This is definitely a product to try out if you're having problems with rough skin!

Click here for more Deoproce products

For a 15% rebate, quote
for every purchase in HiShop.

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

Till then xx

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Fisherman's Cove @ Starhill Gallery

While interning in KL, I had the chance to explore the wide variety of food available there. Had an enjoyable time exploring different kind of food near my office at Desa Sri Hartamas with my colleagues during lunch time hehe.

So on one fine day we had lunch at The Fisherman's Cove, JW Marriott lol

With fellow intern, Azi 

Miss you so much Zizi 

Sorry for the bad quality of pics, lightning was not good inside the restaurant and I only had my Note 1 with me hehe

For starters, Mushroom soup! 
The quantity is a lot, the soup is warm, comforting and delicious. Thumbs up!
Oh, and the set comes with a choice of orange juice or guava juice, as you can see I chose orange juice :)

Roasted lamb with vegetables
Very, very soft and succulent! The sauce compliments the lamb really well, I was pleasantly surprised! Not forgetting the vegetables which were cooked to perfection. I'll admit that I don't like vegetables, but when ate together with the lamb sauce, it was acceptable.

Drooling while typing this lol. Omma where is my dinner?!

Dessert was a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a waffle. Having a sweet tooth, I literally jumped with delight when served this dessert. Thanks to the chocolate sauce, the vanilla ice cream became chocolatey and goey (I don't like vanilla btw). The wafer was sweet, much to my delight. Seems like the wafer was made by themselves, which was way amazing!

Ending with a cup of hot coffee.

Had a enjoyable time with my colleagues, will cherish the memories that we have together. As many events are coming up, don't forget to take care of yourselves while working hard!

Till then xx

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Blessed August

Technically this should be done on the last day of August, but I was busy catching up with sleep and juggling my part time work, so delayed till today only got time to write :X

Oh before I forget, 

Yyi-Ran and Sarah

I'm so blessed to have 2 of you as my bffsMay our friendship continue to blossom and grow and I  you guys! Erm, girls!

Back to August wtf. Spent the whole month in Shah Alam and KL for my 3 months internship, glad it went well! Not to forget my bday is in August too hehe. 

Watched The Expendables 3, tix courtesy of Nuffnang! It was unexpectedly good, blogged about it here.
Pic credits to Douglas and his NX mini lol hee

Also won tix to MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 thanks to ChurpChurp hehe. Seriously I'm a lucky girl! Gonna spam the pics below dont be jelly hehee

Went with my dear Imulok 

At the Sunway Lagoon entrance! *excited*

Feel very star-ish haha

Lazy us dont wanna stand and sat quite far away from the stage at first lolol


And another 


Can you feel the heat!!!

 B.O.B in the house!

Sorry he's the only one I'm interested in LOL

We were so near to him! HAHA

 Oh, found a pic of Yuna wtf

Have you watch this! It's really awesome! Loved the French girl and the cute Indian guy couple hehehe. And thank you Klips for the screening tickets!

"Life's greatest journey begins with the first step."

I am so blessed to be spending the month with my close friends, and also gaining experience during my internship. Thank you all who made this month memorable 

Last but not least, thanks to HiShop, I will be doing a review soon!

Can you guess whats inside? Can't wait!

Till next time