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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Coffee Elements and Stone Age @ All Seasons Place

Long time no see, ma blog! Hehe! Sorry for the hiatus was busy completing my final report for Internship. (Ok I realize I apologize a lot in ma blog lolol!)
AAND this week is the final week for internship! Congratulations to all my coursemates for completing this grueling sem *virtual hug*

During the raya hols (which was weeks ago wtf) I went back to Penang and went out on a date with my girls! You'd probably know them from my previous posts hee. Don't feel like writing much in this post so let the pictures do the talking 

Coffee Elements 

Hot choco ordered by Sarah 

My ice blended mocha . This is undeniably the best frap I've had, besides starbucks of course. 
Perfectly blended, very thick coffee. Thumbs up! 
Oh, and spot my cute onni 

Sarah says its the same as Rainforest's. To me, its okok only, but I like the ham! (like a carnivore would ahaha)

Non-edited! Super like the lightning there eh :D

Normal pasta only, don't order this when you come here. Perhaps the other stuff would be more nice hee

Photographer at work :P

Le bill lol. Its quite cheap tho, no extra tax.

Stone Age 

Coz I was still hungry we went to Stone Age to continue eating wtf
Raw venison! And to think I actually overcooked it. Sorry Sarah :P

Popcorn Chicken credits to Sarah

Behind the scene ahahah

Love my girls  Cant wait to see you guys again xx


  1. Lol gosh! My face so ugly wei! When u coming back?

    1. 在我眼里你是最美的 hahha. Tomorrow babe ♥

  2. Omg, the Stone Age. -.- I'm hungry now D:

    1. buahaha its so freakin nice (will be nicer if I did not overcooked it lolol)