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Sunday, 10 August 2014

5 Reasons Why Penang is Better Than KL

As a Selangorian, born in Klang, lived in Shah Alam for 2 years before moving to Penang, I am a typical city girl hehe. Now I'm staying in Shah Alam for my internship in KL.

Having lived in Penang for so long, I consider myself a Penangnite at heart. This island, with its delicious local foods and charming people. Penang is a mixture of natural beauty and modern city skyline. Imagine the old heritage buildings occupied by young, modern cafes 

Sigh, I miss Penang soooo much sobs. Practically lived there my whole life. Therefore this post is a show of affection towards Penang (no offense KLrians)

Referring to the title above, 5 reasons why Penang is better than KL. 

1. NO Traffic Jam

This I no need to justify myself, even KLrians admit that the traffic jam in KL is the worst. Normally the route from Shah Alam to my office takes 35 minutes without jam, so with slight jam it takes about 50 minutes, but there was once several cars broke down along the way home and it took me 2 fucking hours to get home! 2 HOURS MAN my butt was sore for like the whole night. Ish.

2. Delicious and Cheap Food

Penang is undoubtedly a food paradise. Imagine all the food you can get there, hokkien mee, laksa, char koay teow, curry mee.....omg I'm salivating all over my lappie wtf. And most importantly they're damn cheap! Normally one bowl of hokkien mee costs about RM3+ while here in KL one standard bowl of mee starts from RM5. #BrokeStayingInKL

3. NO Need to Pay Toll

Aha! You know how much I spend for toll a day? RM2.10! Even after taking small roads and avoiding the highway as much as possible wtf. Not to mention there will always be a jam after passing the toll coz so many lanes have to be directed to only 2 lanes. In Penang you'll only pay the toll when entering Penang island through Penang Bridge. No toll in Penang island itself although we've got several highways. So good you see!

4. Coexisting with Nature
In Penang, you can choose to go to the beach at Batu Ferringhi, take the cable car to Penang Hill, visit the goat farm, shop at various shopping malls etc. Penang is an island that offers a variety of entertainment no matter in the wilds (LOL) or in the city.

AND the last reason why Penang is better than Kl, is that

5. Memories
Its true that I had stayed in Penang for as long as I remember, so there were plenty of memories that I created here with my friends and family. I went to school in Penang, it was only until National Service that I left Penang to go to Langkawi for 3 months. And started my uni life in Tanjung Malim straightly after. For almost 18 years, Penang was my home. And I guess it will always be  So excuse my obvious biasness in this post hehehe.


Can't wait to go back as internship is ending soon. Come to mama all the yummy food 

Till then xx


  1. hahaha but if you are not engineering, probably KL would have higher and better job opportunity right.

    1. Yea there will b more job opportunities, but the cost of living is high too. Got pros and cons la at the end of the day it depends on which city you prefer lor ^^

  2. agree with u. i miss penang badly too!