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Thursday, 10 July 2014

When shitty things happen

The past few weeks had been pretty hectic. Things take a lot of planning to get done, (and usually it did not, look how I abandoned my blog!)

Well, as usual, things don't go according to plan. Or should I say its me that is suey. (has bad luck)

I hit my car against a curb and had to sent it to the mechanic. I lost my MUET pin number for registration. (Imagine me Googling like hell to see other ppl experiences losing it but did not find any wtf). My parcel from Taobao had me going twice to AirPak's office to collect it. AND almost every day I'm caught in massive traffic jams on the way to work and back from work. 

What will you do facing those situations? 

For me, I pray to God. Somehow He kept me calm and collected when I faced troubles. Somehow the problems got solved with simple solutions. Thank you Lord, for always being there when I need You. 

My car got repaired by the mechanic in mere minutes. My MUET pin number was reissued by the bank when requested, and I registered sucessfully. I collected my parcel safely on the second attempt, instead of the courier company losing it somewhere. And now, I can go back from work at 4pm :D

Suddenly my life don't seem so shitty anymore, with Him by my side. 

Thank you.

At least I can dress up everyday to work :P so not looking forward to uni life. 

sorry for the fuzzy photos I ripped them off my own Instagram eheh

 My ootds to work! 
Till next time xx

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