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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blog 4 Charity: Amante Charity Fair 2014

I always try to do my part in helping the underprivileged, and so I jumped at the chance to blog about this charity fair when I learnt about it through the Butterfly Project Malaysia.
It felt so good being able to help someone through what I like to do, blogging!

 Amante Nail Spa is a superlative spa for women housing popular beauty and wellness needs. 
It will be hosting a charity fair fundraiser which the proceeds will be donated for the children of Good Samaritan Home, an orphanage and children's home. 
Deets of the event

Date : 7th September 2014

Time : 10am to 6pm 

Venue : Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, Kota Damansara @ Sunway
Level L3, Central Park - Car Park (Multiparking ) No. 3-03, Jalan PJU 5/13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone number : 03 6141 7613 / 018 285 5244

 Amante Nail Spa will be selling the Amante Charity Coupon booklet for RM35 each.
Each booklet contains 7 X RM5 cash vouchers where you can purchase various treatments, activities, food and games at Amante Charity Fair and a BONUS thank you RM88 Hot Stone Massage treatment!  

So, what can you do to help?

Attend the charity fair, of course! *winks*

How to buy the coupon:
1. Purchase the Amante Charity Voucher booklet from the nearest Amante outlet. Visit www.amante.my for a list of locations near you.

2. Don’t have time? You can transfer/bank in to Amante Beauty Care Sdn Bhd (MAYBANK ACC NO. 512491131743). Send transfer note/bank-in slip to amantecharity@gmail.com with name, e-mail address & mobile number. You can collect your Amante Charity Coupon Booklet on 7th September, 2014 at Amante Charity Fair.

Proceeds from the Amante Charity Fair will be donated to GOOD SAMARITAN HOME – Home for Children in Malaysia for their education. By helping to raise funds for this home, it would make learning possible for students of all ages, from pre-school to graduate school, providing basic education to those who need it most. Every child deserves to be educated, and so do the poor and needy.

Are you sold yet? 
Mark your calendar and be sure to come and support the charity fair!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Haul part 1

Recently discovered Taobao supports forwarding service to Malaysia so went insane shopping there! Not going to post a tutorial on how to shop as there are tons of them online. 

Coz there are like tons of sellers in Taobao and I heard of stories of fake sellers, and friends who bought shoes with 2 same sides wtf I decided to do a post about my hauls so that you can know which ones are reliable and trustworthy. (at least the ones I buy from are)
The tip is to choose the items that many people has bought, has high popularity and good reviews with pics from recent buyers (so you can see the REAL pic of the item). Also the sellers that have high ratings are recommended. I don't mind the price being slightly higher than the others as long that I am sure my items are in good condition.  

So, first up!

¥6 (about RM3)
 The quality is damn good I tell you! Material is thick. 
 Even my big head can wear this wtf. 

Next up!
¥28 (about RM14)
This one looks good from the outside, and is big enough to fit my phone, imagine that haha.
Inside material is a bit rough, but cannot complain much since the price is quite low. 
The seller even gave me a free gift, a card holder but I didn't took pics of it. 

With this cute soldier too hehe

I'll stick with white shoes haha 
(I wear a size 39)
¥69 (about RM34.50)
This one is slightly pricier compared to the others in Taobao but no regrets coz the material is real good!
The straps all i good condition, there's a stain but that can be wiped off. 
The shoes are nicely wrapped in individual dust bags (so thoughtful of the seller!) 

The shoes are really comfy! I'm scared I will stain it, so far haven't wore it anywhere haha

There's another skirt I bought but I did not include it in this post, maybe it will b in the next post about my clothes haul hehe 

Overall, I'm satisfied with my buys from Taobao, coz they're really cheap and the quality is better than what I expected haha. The shipping overall is about RM20+ coz my shoes are slightly heavy hehee. Oh I used 4PX for the forwarding service and their service is good. Highly recommended. 

Ending with a selfieeee

Till next time xx

Thursday, 10 July 2014

When shitty things happen

The past few weeks had been pretty hectic. Things take a lot of planning to get done, (and usually it did not, look how I abandoned my blog!)

Well, as usual, things don't go according to plan. Or should I say its me that is suey. (has bad luck)

I hit my car against a curb and had to sent it to the mechanic. I lost my MUET pin number for registration. (Imagine me Googling like hell to see other ppl experiences losing it but did not find any wtf). My parcel from Taobao had me going twice to AirPak's office to collect it. AND almost every day I'm caught in massive traffic jams on the way to work and back from work. 

What will you do facing those situations? 

For me, I pray to God. Somehow He kept me calm and collected when I faced troubles. Somehow the problems got solved with simple solutions. Thank you Lord, for always being there when I need You. 

My car got repaired by the mechanic in mere minutes. My MUET pin number was reissued by the bank when requested, and I registered sucessfully. I collected my parcel safely on the second attempt, instead of the courier company losing it somewhere. And now, I can go back from work at 4pm :D

Suddenly my life don't seem so shitty anymore, with Him by my side. 

Thank you.

At least I can dress up everyday to work :P so not looking forward to uni life. 

sorry for the fuzzy photos I ripped them off my own Instagram eheh

 My ootds to work! 
Till next time xx