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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Week 1 of Internship

OMFG I just realized I haven't update my blog in exactly 1 month. This is how effing lazy I am lolol. Just kinda remember after I attended a special screening at TGV 1 Utama thanks to Butterfly Project *oldwomanalert

Actually I had just started my internship at a company located at Desa Sri Hartamas last week! So I'm pretty busy (as if hahaha) with work and stuff. Oh, and being caught in massive jams! Seriously the jams in KL are horrible. I would prolly never come back to work in KL lol.

Anyways I am enjoying my life as an intern! Haha it's bloody interesting and fun as I get to do what I like most--writing! And it's my first time working from 9-6 also so its also pretty tiring. Although the office politics are a different story hmm. If you ever been to Desa Sri Hartamas you'll know that here is food paradise!!! There are restaurants everywhere (especially korean ones) and pubs wtf. Lots of foreigners as well coz all of them are staying nearby. Oh and starbucks is at walking distance *clap hands*
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to divulge more working details so I'll just stop here.

Have lots of posts pending coz there's no wifi at my house am using office's wifi to post this TT Hope that I can finish my pending posts soon D:

Have to get back to work! Hopefully I will update soon *fingerscrossed*


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