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Sunday, 18 May 2014

[REVIEW] Mr. Lens

I've always been a fan of online shopping. It's literally like buying yourself a present and delivering it to yourself! Not to mention the anticipation waiting for the stuff I bought, and tearing off the parcel upon its arrival!

Introducing to you Mr. Lens, where you can get your daily/monthly/bimonthly/trimonthly stock of contact lenses! (LOL)

Yes! You can buy contact lens online now, too! Thanks to Mr. Lens ^.^

This is the homepage of Mr. Lens. The design is simple and easy to navigate.

How to purchase from Mr. Lens?

#1 Chose the contact lens that you want to purchase, then select the power and color.
Click add to cart.

#2 Click on 'continue shopping' if you're not done yet. Then shop till you're satisfied!
 Click on 'checkout' if you're done!

#3 When you're done, click on 'checkout'.

#4 Login if you're a new customer or click on 'continue' if you have an existing account.
Fill in all the details needed.

#5 Confirm the details and click on 'continue'.

#6 Choose your payment method.

#7 Confirm your order!

You'll receive emails confirming your order, payment, delivery etc.

I waited for 2 days for my order to arrive.
Have to pay RM6 for delivery since I'm not staying in Klang Valley TT

And here it is!

I was excited to receive the contact lenses. But my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I realised that the lenses were not the colour I ordered.

I ordered Violet but I got Green instead wtf.

The answer I received via their Whatsapp was somehow rude. And no reply after that.

So I asked again via their Fb page and got a reply that was not as rude as the Whatsapp one.
At least I think it is lololl.

I saw many other reviews saying that Mr. Lens contacted them first if the colour they ordered was not available but unfortunately in my case they slipped up wtf. Why I so sui wan ah?! *pissed off

Overall, the service was satisfactory (love the follow up emails and variety of cheap lenses available), but definitely not going back for a repurchase.

Oh, and try not to slip up too often eh, Mr. Lens?

Thank you The Butterfly Project for giving me the chance to review!

Till then xx