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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hatyai Holiday: Part 1

Hellooo!!! Am feeling guilty slouching on the couch watching Pretty Little Liars day after day after work so here am I updating about my short trip to Hatyai after finals!

I had finished 2 seasons of PLL in like, a week! That's like 50 episodes wtf. Currently watching season 3. Mr Fitz is soooo hot! Ahaha but my fav character is still Spencer. Her preppy look suits her so much!

Well, here I go off topic again. Let the pictures do the talking!

First building that greeted me at Hatyai. A super huge shopping mall!
Central Festival Hatyai.
Breakfast at a shop selling beef noodles.
Look at the array of condiments!
They even have sugar!
And also snacks for you to snack on while waiting for the noodles.
We ate tomyam fish skin which was in the basket at the pic above (30 baht)

Beef noodles (70-80 baht)
The beef was really tender!
And the meatballs were awesome I like ;D

Checked in at Centara Hotel, which was literally above Central Hatyai, another shopping mall.

Free bottles of water!
They recycle the glass bottle, which was why the water was foc.

My ootd.
Super loving the huge mirror beside my bed lololl.

Changed into the pants with cute lil ducks that I just bought at the morning market for 200 baht!
Which was literally RM20!!
SO worth it I tell you.
Oh and the koala bear biscuits cost 80 baht per box.

HAHAHA look who I spotted! Mario Maurer ❤

Got curious of the ice cream he was endorsing so I bought one to try.
Wall's Lipton Crush (18 baht)
Okay tell me why this iced lemon tea flavored ice cream is not available in Malaysia?!
It was sooo good!
Maybe because I have a crush on ice lemon tea itself lololl.

After lunch, we went for Thai massage. (180 baht) 
This was the tea served after the massage.
My first massaging experience was awesome hahaha and super cheap too! RM 18 only!

Some random collagen drink I bought for16 baht which was like RM1.60 lololl
Taste weird to me. Very sour (which explains the white grape flavor)

Dessert before dinner at Swenson's!
Super cute glass of water which was FOC!
ps: I love FOC stuff hahaha

Banana boat (99 baht)
I forgot the flavours, I think one is coffee something and choc brownie.
This is sooo good I swear. Better than Haagen Dazs. Sorry I never liked Haagen Dazs.

Mango Boat (109 baht)
Okay this was too sweet for me. And the green rice thingy was plain disgusting.
And I have no idea what was the green thingy above the whipped cream.

The bill hahaha I know veryy random. I scared I forgot the price of the ice creams.

Time for dinner!!!
Looks at the amount of cuttlefish *drools

This huge ass cup of slurpee costs 22 baht!
I brought back the cup hahaha so useful because it was sooo tall!

Ooh look at this!
Grilled everything hahaha
And look at the sauces, sooo spicy yet sooo tempting.

The array of food available to grill.
We bought lots of them back to the hotel for dinner.

Spotted McDonalds! At Lee Gardens Mall.
The security was tight there. You'll have to pass through a metal detector and they check your handbags before allowing you to enter.
Yes, that was the place that got bombed before.

Yummy dinner!
I tell you the sauce numbed my tongue for like 10 minutes lololl.

Super delicious!
See the huge tentacles haha like everything in Thailand is bigger one I tell you!

Ok thats all for part one!
Stay tuned for the next part xx

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