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Friday, 28 March 2014

Sem 4 Last Paper

Sorry for the lack of updating! I realized once holiday I will be very lazy to do anything except to watch dramas and variety shows and sleep and eat and shopping and traveling HAHAHA

Currently watching Exo Showtime and Skins now. My ChenChen is so cute ❤ and Nicholas Hoult is damningly vampire-ish.

So last week is the end of my 4 semesters in UPSI. The last paper, English at the Workplace was on the 20th. I guess I do okay on that paper, but no high hopes as my lecturer was quite eccentric and the marks she input before was kinda confusing. Sigh.

After the exam of course we took pictures! Credits to Azira xx

Us in matching red tones! I wear pink la but still!
Purely coincidence okay :D
 Your face not long isit Dougie

 Only 2 of them making faces HAHAHA

 And then Lennon joined in.
We did not include him in the first place because he was not wearing red hahaha

 Oh my I miss you guys *sobss

Epy you so cute! Awww

After that we went for lunch at Old Town coz that Dougie had to catch a flight back to Sabah.

But first, let us take a selfie!

To all my housemates and roommates, thank you for this wonderful 2 semesters!
Although we had our downs and ups, and the times where we fought and ignored each other (mostly me ignoring others wtf) and the times where we got pissed off because of the wifi BUT we still had our good times!

Mamak-ing, hogging the wifi, playing chua dai di

 I will miss you guys! ❤

Especially my roommates Epy and Mulok.
Thank you for waking me up when I overslept!
(Which is almost everytime hehe)

All the best in the next sem interning!

Hope to have the same roommates in sem 6 lololl. If they will still have me hehe.

Alrighty, that's all for today! Have to go cheng beng now.
Will update soon! That is if I am not tired after work starting next week.


Friday, 7 March 2014

China House, Penang.

This is an overdue post. Lol the weather was so hot I felt so lethargic and lazy to edit the pictures...soo... (excuses excuses)

Hehe. Now very boring so decided to update and tease everybody with pictures of CAKES hehehe.

Went to China House during the week of CNY after I went to Ernest Zacharevic's art gallery. Was finding a place to chill with my parents. Honestly I cannot afford if I go alone, the cakes got tax de wor! So chose to go with le parents so they can pay lololl.

According to their website, China House consists of 14 spaces from 3 heritage buildings of café, restaurant, bar, wine, gallery, multi-purpose performance theatre, shopping and more. You can know more about their website here. And do you know the New York Times described it as a 10,000 ft mecca of food and art?! So proud of Penang *wipe tears dramatically*

The entrance from Beach Street. The other entrance is on Victoria Street.
 First thing I noticed when I entered is the array of cakes!
There were so much choices I just couldn't make up my mind can I just choose all heheh

 What we ordered. With my iced mocha.

 And without my iced mocha.

Tiramisu Kahlua.

I was told this is the signature cake of China House. And to my astonishment the bakery actually sells 5 whole cakes of tiramisu during Sundays! 
And boy, I was not disappointed by the best-seller!
Kahlua is a type of alcohol, but don't worry, the tiramisu itself is not very bitter.
It's super super yummy! The best tiramisu I had ever eaten! Sorry I not food critic don't know how to describe but yeah, it was awesome! Soft, creamy, spongy, cheesy, nutty and alcoholy! HAHAHA

Carrot cake
The top layer of cheese I like! Not too cheesy, just perfect! And they very generous with their ingredients! Loads of walnuts (I guess it's walnuts) and other stuff too. Quite sweet also, the texture also quite rough. Lololl I sound like a food critic already.
But my parents prefer the tiramisu. Hmph got alcohol what, figures.

 A pot of English Breakfast aka Earl Grey tea.
Erm, it was nice and warm. I really don't know how to describe tea wtf.

 The wine row where we sat. It was really crowded on weekends.

 Weird looking lanterns serving as lights.

Me and mom went wandering around the huge building while dad settled down with his newspaper.
 So unique.

 So artistic.

 My pretty mom!
I believe this place is called The Courtyard.
They have different names for different parts of the building.

 Me and my round face + fat legs TT

 Yes I love Penang too!

 My fellow species wtf,
(my zodiac is dog btw)

le mom photobombed lol

 And again!
My mom is cuter than yours hahahaha

 Sorry for the blurry pictures it was really dark so I have to edit the pics to make it brighter ><

Hi it's me :)

awkward me with pug :D

Dad le tauke of the night hehe

 Do follow their fb and Instagram and twitter for more information!

And don't forget to visit China House if you ever visit Penang!
It will surely be an unforgettable experience for you as it was for me.

Address:153 & 155, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, Penang.
The other entrance: 183B, Lebuh Victoria, Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04-2637299
Business hours: 10.00am – 12am (daily)