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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mariage d'Amour

Hear, hear the wedding bells chime,
It is time! It is time!
To celebrate the union of two,
Whose love is as wonderful as tiramisu.
At the end of the aisle smiling widely,
The groom dapper in his tux, waiting patiently.
Behold the glorious sight of the lovely bride,
Blushing prettily in her gown, all ivory white.
As Vivaldi’s Spring began to play,
Oh, how joyful would it be today?
She would be given away by her father,
To the love of her life, her adorer.
As their hands joined,
And their marriage solemnized,
They vowed to love each other,
And live happily ever after.
I shall now declare you, husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride,
The sombre wedding priest declared.
Blissfully, the groom obliged.
And off they went for their honeymoon,
Paris? Maldives? Or maybe Sunway Lagoon!
Together they started their journey,
A couple sweet as honey.