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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Art is rubbish is art.

Penang is well-known for its street arts all around George Town, after it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The phenomena was started by Ernest Zacharevic, a young Lithuanian artist. Now it is all the rage in Penang, besides hunting for cafes. I like almost all of the art murals he drew, especially the famous "Girl on a Bicycle",  just I don't understand some coz I'm not artistic enough bah wtf

So recently he launched a new art gallery at Hin Company Bus Depot. The theme is "Art is Rubbish is Art".  The concept of 'one man's rubbish is another man's treasure' is portrayed.

So bright ._.
They say is because my dress is black wtf
Sign at the entrance 
Open daily from 12-8pm

Picture spamming below!

Ok this one damn artistic

 Omma and me and ahpek in trishaw :)

 Milk + Kopi O = Kopi Peng

 So dad + mom = me LOL

 Went there during CNY soooo
GONG XI FA CAI from le Lego ppl :D

Dad and some random art piece lol

Loan Shark! So creative this Ernest


Le me and omma!

He dont wanna take pic with me :(

Owl :D

my mom and her friend which we met there coincidentally haha

Art is Ernest's bitch!

Pic taken by my cute omma lololl

Lego toilet!

So sad the Lego woman's hand was destroyed :(

A picture of bright me again ._.
At Hin Company Ltd., somewhere behind Gama and opposite Hotel Continental.

Alrighty that's all.
 I'm sorry for the lack of captions as I really dk what to caption I dont wanna spoil the real meaning of the art lololl.

It was an enjoyable experience tho!
Thank you Ernest for making Penang more well-known than it was!
Wish I had the chance to meet him tho hmm.

Till then xx


  1. When did you go uh? Why dont i see ur sis in the pic huh?

    1. I go after u guys went back lor. Marion went piano haha ;)