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Monday, 24 February 2014

Mockingbird, mocking me.

Taking a break from analysing the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. To be honest, I liked the novel at first, but there's just too much to analyse about it that I fell outta love with it on the way ._.

Oh well, had an impromptu public speaking in class today, and typical me talked about my hobbies, which are, guess what? Sleeping, reading and blogging/writing.

What?! Sleeping can lose 95 calories per hour okay!

And le lecturer said that I'm shy (?!) and I read a lot but supressed my thoughts so others won't know that I'm better than them (or something like that la).

I was like wtf?? She knew me better than I do LOL and it was after I talked in less than 3 minutes while laughing nervously and stumbling over my words. I was tempted to ask her "Can you read minds?" but I didn't lol. I guess the part of supressing my thoughts is true, though. You cannot survie in this world without a mask. I'm too direct and straight sometimes I hurt people without knowing it. So, I had to learn to conceal my thoughts. HOW DID SHE FIND OUT THO LOL.

Called a company too about my internship and the hr executive promptly interviewed me on the phone. Was not prepared so my answers were kinda stupid. Imagine when she asked why I chose her company and I replied, coz my house is nearby! Wtf I died recalling what I answered. She also asked me questions like why you wanna work in pr and stuff. I thought she was going to accept me after the interview but lastly she said, "We will contact you if you're shortlisted most probably by next week for a face-to-face interview."

WHAT?! I THOUGHT YOU JUST INTERVIEWED ME ON THE PHONE. I wanted to shout at her. But I told her thank you. And hung up the phone.

Haiz. Shit happens.

What did you say? There is a chance of her reading my post? ARGH whatever I don't care!!

Before I end this post, a selfie of me (like usual) with my date of the week.

I know, I'm forever alone TT
Gonna continue my assignment ish.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mariage d'Amour

Hear, hear the wedding bells chime,
It is time! It is time!
To celebrate the union of two,
Whose love is as wonderful as tiramisu.
At the end of the aisle smiling widely,
The groom dapper in his tux, waiting patiently.
Behold the glorious sight of the lovely bride,
Blushing prettily in her gown, all ivory white.
As Vivaldi’s Spring began to play,
Oh, how joyful would it be today?
She would be given away by her father,
To the love of her life, her adorer.
As their hands joined,
And their marriage solemnized,
They vowed to love each other,
And live happily ever after.
I shall now declare you, husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride,
The sombre wedding priest declared.
Blissfully, the groom obliged.
And off they went for their honeymoon,
Paris? Maldives? Or maybe Sunway Lagoon!
Together they started their journey,
A couple sweet as honey.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Art is rubbish is art.

Penang is well-known for its street arts all around George Town, after it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The phenomena was started by Ernest Zacharevic, a young Lithuanian artist. Now it is all the rage in Penang, besides hunting for cafes. I like almost all of the art murals he drew, especially the famous "Girl on a Bicycle",  just I don't understand some coz I'm not artistic enough bah wtf

So recently he launched a new art gallery at Hin Company Bus Depot. The theme is "Art is Rubbish is Art".  The concept of 'one man's rubbish is another man's treasure' is portrayed.

So bright ._.
They say is because my dress is black wtf
Sign at the entrance 
Open daily from 12-8pm

Picture spamming below!

Ok this one damn artistic

 Omma and me and ahpek in trishaw :)

 Milk + Kopi O = Kopi Peng

 So dad + mom = me LOL

 Went there during CNY soooo
GONG XI FA CAI from le Lego ppl :D

Dad and some random art piece lol

Loan Shark! So creative this Ernest


Le me and omma!

He dont wanna take pic with me :(

Owl :D

my mom and her friend which we met there coincidentally haha

Art is Ernest's bitch!

Pic taken by my cute omma lololl

Lego toilet!

So sad the Lego woman's hand was destroyed :(

A picture of bright me again ._.
At Hin Company Ltd., somewhere behind Gama and opposite Hotel Continental.

Alrighty that's all.
 I'm sorry for the lack of captions as I really dk what to caption I dont wanna spoil the real meaning of the art lololl.

It was an enjoyable experience tho!
Thank you Ernest for making Penang more well-known than it was!
Wish I had the chance to meet him tho hmm.

Till then xx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My experience with Kia Family-Like Care

Starting this post with a yummy picture of loh mee.

Loh mee with super delish loh egg!

Ok lemme start at the beginning. Le mom asked me to take her car to the Kia Service Centre to check since the brake got problem. So early in the morning after I dropped her off at school, I went for breakfast at this loh mee shop located at Farlim.

 And it is also super cheap! RM3.80 only for a bowl!
RM1.20 is for the Iced Coffee I ordered.

 And you can add the condiments to your heart's content!
The newspapers is for you to put the bones btw.

 Asked for the WiFi password once I reached the service centre. And this is what they gave me.
Laminated wan leh the paper!!!

Okay gonna type this quickly my room is damn hot I wanna escape this sauna room!!!

 Hi iz me. With Kia Motors wtf.

 Another one. While waiting for the car to be done repairing.

Was watching my darling Do Manager in 'He Who Came from the Stars' hehe 
 Pout until so cute arh you

The waiting lounge.
Quite comfortable with big sofas and tv.
You can see you car behind through the glass at the back also.

Huge sofas which I love.
And at the corner you can make yourself a cup of hot coffee (Yes they provide you with cups and hot water and instant coffee powder!)
And in the fridge got chilled water summore :D

The customer service was also really good.
The staff will inform you what are the problems of your car before proceeding to repair it.
And best of all I can claim warranty haha
Just the waiting time damn long.
I guess its the same in every service centre.

I found this Chinese New Year video Kia made directed by Douglas Lim about Kia's Family-like Care.

Part 1
for losers only

Part 2
only for ugly girls wtf

Part 3
results of a broken condom HAHAHAHA

Funny right? Douglas is so talented haha he can act and direct at the same time worh!

Ending with a lovely selca of mine heheeh
 (Please do not puke)

Will blog about Ernest Zacharevic new art gallery in Penang in the next post!
That's all for now bye ;)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Chinese New Year 2014: Day 3

If you're wondering why there's no post about day 2, well that's because I woke up at 3 something during chu 2 and laze around on the couch before departing to my grandpa's house where I spent the whole night frying nuggets and french fries and popcorn chicken while the rest of my relatives bbq-ed. Now you know why.

Chu 3 was a Sunday, so went to church early in the morning again. Had a pleasant surprise when I coincidentally wore the same color (blue) with Sarah darling!
Pardon my sleepy face. It's still morning okay lololl.
Sunday blues ❤
After church went to my 3rd aunt's house at Butterworth.
 My sis with le dog 丝丝 (Si Si) which we proceeded to give a very pasar name, Ah See hahaha

Me and my niece, Lynn!
She very adorable hor! But also made my arms sore after hugging her for awhile hehe.

Debra and me ❤

And then her sis took out her Instax Camera and we started taking pichas like nobody's business.

Me and the birthday girl, Esther. Ish I look so dark beside her D:

 Omma, sis and I ❤

 Not to forgot a picture of all the cousins present ❤

 My relatives and me on the ferry on the way back to Penang island.

Then we went to 庙会  (Chinese New Year Cultural And Heritage Celebration – 2014 Year of the Horse)

The Chinese New Year Cultural And Heritage Celebration – 2014 Year of the Horse was held at the Heritage Enclave located at Bishop Street, Penang Street, King Street area in George Town, an UNESCO’s World Heritage Site to promote the Chinese's culture.

The highlights included Dragon Dance and Lion Dance on Stilts, 12 Chinese Zodiac fancy lantern exhibition, Chinese Classical Songs and New Year songs performances, traditional Malay Kompang and Gamelan performances, traditional dances, Chinese orchestra and traditional music, grand fireworks display, and martial arts performances such as Wushu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun Kungfu and Shao Lin Kungfu.

Source from visitpenang.gov.my

 The huge flags which the men will balance on their forehead later during their performance.


 Hi :D

 Okay to be honest I also don't know what are the words on the arch hehehe
Something related to horse, I guess.

 My zodiac the Dog!
Too many people taking pictures with it so I didn't get a chance to snap a pic with it :(

My mom with her zodiac!
Now you would probably know how old is she hahahaha

 Was waiting to see Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng when this kid kept staring at me.
I was silently cursing his dad for blocking my vision, I think :P

 Hi we are the glasses duo lololl

And then Mr. Lim Guan Eng came, and left.
Wtf the crowd was crazy everybody was trying to shake hands and snap a pic with him I literally got shove out of the way.

 This is, erm, the sakura pond? I think?

 Us with some random deco beside the street.
 Looking at different cameras. 我们的默契在哪里?!

 Ahh much more better ❤

 On the way to dinner saw this super cute mini mint green sports car !
Damn adorbs leh ❤

Dinner was at Weld Quay's 大树下 restaurant (literally translated as Under the Tree)
 Was fascinated by the interior of the restaurant.

Me, Sis, Deirdre, Si Wen and Debra.

From the back: Si Wen, Me, Deirdre, Sis, Debra and Ying Ying.

 The food arrived in less than 20 minutes, which was considered fast as the place was full.
Quite delish also, especially the tomyam soup. 

But the service for the drinks was terrible. They did not even acknowledge our existence.
We were eating already without drinks while the table beside us, whose food had not arrive was having their second round of drinks!

Enough of complaining. Ending this post of a picture of us youngsters during chu2. Loving the pose Ivane taught us hahaha.
My mom pretending to be one of us. Not that she needs to pretend anyway.