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Monday, 13 January 2014


You know the feeling when you feel guilty after ignoring someone that you love for a long time? Well, that's how I feel about blogging. Sorry this post is not going to be on my Singapore trip. Skip if you're not keen on reading a long winded post :(

I suddenly realized I had enough of blogging about trips and such. (Not that I'm not going to blog on my Sg trip of course I will don't worry! Just not in this post.)

I mean, I created this blog in the first place for me to write my thoughts out and vent (when I'm angry lol) but then, now, with apps such as Twitter, I cam just write down my thoughts quickly in a few sentences and I'm done. No need to open Blogger with my Surface and then type with keyboard so fussy.

I still remember during primary school our teacher force us to write a weekly diary!!! I seriously hate writing that I tell you I had to make things up in order to write the weekly entry lol. I've also kept a diary when I was in high school, but then I wrote in Chinese and the entries grow shorter and shorter and ended up with few words per page. Lol. I'm damn lazy one okay. And the entries mainly consists of 我讨厌你XXX (I hate you xxx) and XXX老师很肥 ( xxx teacher very fat) I know I very childish okay!!! :x

Blogging has always been my on my to-do list. Like when I'm in secondary school, and blogging is trendy, I hesitate to create a blog because I'm afraid that I will not be always updating, so I kept on postponing on creating one. Until last year when a friend kept nagging so finally I created "Just because I'm annoying". ^^

It's not to say that I will be updating daily like writing diary la. Just that I will try to update more short stories and poems that I wrote, or random thoughts, or something else besides from trips. And pictures. Cause I'm a person who likes to write but to lazy to pencil down my creativity lololl.

Well, I guess that's all for now I'm so hungry that I can eat a horse! Will blog soon cause tomorrow is public holiday yeay!!! And Wednesday no morning class yeay!!! And Thursday no class yeay!!! And Friday is public holiday YEAYYYYY!!!!! ^.^

But sadly my next post will be on trips too haiz.

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