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Sunday, 19 January 2014


Sometimes you just need time alone, away from others.
Sometimes you need your own privacy, need space to think about stuff.
Sometimes you just want to eat in peace, without people chattering beside you, interrupting when you're eating.

So today I went to lunch/tea/dinner alone. At 4.30 pm so idk what meal that is counted as lololl.

Spaghetti Bolognese and coke with lemon
Coca cola my favourite <3

When in doubt, when you're in a bad mood, indulge in whatever you like.
By me hahahaha

Went to mid valley yesterday. Coz of someone who wanna buy cny clothes.
 Blackball best seller. Best dessert ever okay.

 Not to forgot my beloved mocha frap.
Nearly feel asleep shopping lol.
FOC btw, thanks to the tumbler my omma bought ages ago ;)

 selfie with my beloved

 by me again
hahahaha why am I coming out with lotsa quotes today

Bought a Berskha top for only RM29. But dint selca in the fitting room coz the line was soo long I felt guilty in doing so. Line up almost half an hour just to try my top haish.

And also inside the shop damn hot. Like why you guys install spotlight shining on me? Damn hot you know the intensity of the light haish. Was perspiring by the time I left the store.

 Dinner at Bulgogi Brothers.
So so only. Beef very tender tho. Prefer Gil in Penang. Blogged about it here.
I think is because they specialised in grilled meat. We poor ppl cannot afford to eat that lololl.

Back to today.
 I realized my post damn random jump lai jump ki haha. Bear with me okay wanna habis liao.



must watch drama okay!!!
Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun's My Love From Another Star.

 Jun Ji Hyun looks hot even tho she's married leh!

 And he eats alone! Like me lololl. So adorable lehhh

Now I have to go and continue watching eps 6 hahahaha
Make sure you watch okay! ;)

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