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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Gossip Girls: YR and Me ♡

Reached Penang last Friday at exactly 10pm hahaha was shocked because for once KTM was so punctual. Like reaaaaaally punctual. I had experienced delays until I reached Penang at 12am something so thiswas really a pleasant surprise!

Had JooHeng tomyam which I had been craving :D sinfully delicious I tell you!!!

 The bomb! 
Abalone slices damn delish and also the fried fish heh

Next day dated my bff Yyi-Ran 

Bag of the day hehe
Carlo Rino ^^
Actually it belong to my mom hehe nice right??

Main reason we went to Times Square, Penang.

But then hor, was disappointed. 

Flea market supposed to be dirt cheap or second hand wan right? 
But then the clothes selling was like normal price and damn expensive wtf
I guess Singapore sorta spoiled me wtf I now only got reaction towards 5bucks 10bucks D:

Wanted to meet Povy Teng (the first blogger on the poster) but then she didn't show up :( 
Neither did jynn and ms kuan (who came late I guess) and rickho :( 

 Whatever la at least I get to meet Yyi my darling right!!!

Hello my dear 

She so pretty I can dieeeee wtf

Some random aunty's shoes photobombing hahaha

Oh before I forget this is the sandwich thingy I had at Full House, Times Square.

I forgot the name hehe but the thing is this is super NOT NICE :/
I rarely will complain about the food unless it is super bad de okay!!
Presentation quite nice la hor but its like normal ham and cheese nia
PLUS there is like ginormous amount of mayonnaise that I had to scrape off LOL

Yyi said if I ate this with a guy he surely will run away in horror coz I too chor lor dy HAHAHHA

Us again 
Lightning super bad but I still like hehe

Face super blur wtf

Nice trishaw in white but super hard to climb up hahaha

Sorry I apologize I'm bad at posing for ootd hahaha so awkward

Bershka crop top
H&M dress
Samsung Note 1 HAHAHA
Carlo Rino vintage bag

So now who else wanna date me when I'm in Penang?! 
Lai lai whatsapp me for reservation wtf

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pre Holidaysssss

The much awaited Chinese New Year is FINALLY hereee :D
If you ever wonder why I'm being so enthusiastic that is because we get to wear new clothes for cny! A wonderful reason to shop hahahaha
Well, that's obviously the point of cny. To wear new clothes. And to eat. And to get ang pao (Packet money) imma get rich muahaha

Was planning to go home for more than a week until 5th January but one of my lecturers decided to add extra classes because he's going to Cambodia :(
That means got quiz on 4th Jan :( And I have to study during cny fml.
Whatever la it's not that I'm gonna study anyway nyehehe.

Watched the play that we're supposed to study for the quiz today, "The Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare and it sucks ttm. Sorry la tesl seniors but it really sucks. The quality sucks. And we have to endure the speaker breaking down and disconnecting from the speaker like every 5minutes. And somehow it got stuck in the middle of the video. Ish.

And then when we played the CD in someone's laptop the speaker decided to rebel. It produces high pitched 'woohoo' sounds like every 5 seconds. Creepy you know. Damn annoying.

Oh and went to get the vaccination for HPV today. I was damn happy that it doesn't hurt BUT THEN it hurts after I woke up from my nap TT

Was happy initially lol so took a selfie with
le ambulance when waiting for Imulok to get her shot done.
Look at Epy's hand photobombing hahaha

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Sometimes you just need time alone, away from others.
Sometimes you need your own privacy, need space to think about stuff.
Sometimes you just want to eat in peace, without people chattering beside you, interrupting when you're eating.

So today I went to lunch/tea/dinner alone. At 4.30 pm so idk what meal that is counted as lololl.

Spaghetti Bolognese and coke with lemon
Coca cola my favourite <3

When in doubt, when you're in a bad mood, indulge in whatever you like.
By me hahahaha

Went to mid valley yesterday. Coz of someone who wanna buy cny clothes.
 Blackball best seller. Best dessert ever okay.

 Not to forgot my beloved mocha frap.
Nearly feel asleep shopping lol.
FOC btw, thanks to the tumbler my omma bought ages ago ;)

 selfie with my beloved

 by me again
hahahaha why am I coming out with lotsa quotes today

Bought a Berskha top for only RM29. But dint selca in the fitting room coz the line was soo long I felt guilty in doing so. Line up almost half an hour just to try my top haish.

And also inside the shop damn hot. Like why you guys install spotlight shining on me? Damn hot you know the intensity of the light haish. Was perspiring by the time I left the store.

 Dinner at Bulgogi Brothers.
So so only. Beef very tender tho. Prefer Gil in Penang. Blogged about it here.
I think is because they specialised in grilled meat. We poor ppl cannot afford to eat that lololl.

Back to today.
 I realized my post damn random jump lai jump ki haha. Bear with me okay wanna habis liao.



must watch drama okay!!!
Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun's My Love From Another Star.

 Jun Ji Hyun looks hot even tho she's married leh!

 And he eats alone! Like me lololl. So adorable lehhh

Now I have to go and continue watching eps 6 hahahaha
Make sure you watch okay! ;)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Splendid Singapore: Part 2

Starting from today I have 6days of holiday. But I'm not going home TT coz next week I'm going home for Chinese New Year so yeah I have no choice but to stay and nua at my house in tanjung malim :( so yeah to kill boredom I'm here to blog lololl

So yeah, Orchard Road. Pity I did not take any pictures of the surroundings because it was too crowded. We went there at Christmas Eve, so yeah. And shopped like nobody's business. I bought a new phone case for my note 1 for $2.90! And a screen protector for like $1.90! So cheap I tell you! Here in Malaysia at least rm10 for 1 okay!!

Oh well I did took a pic of Orchard Road while we stopped at the traffic light to cross the road tho.

Nah. Not quite festive tho coz at the end of Orchard Road ady. Shopping more important kayyy

 Uh, ahhaahaha the cousins and the aunties. Thanks for bringing us around okay xx

Um yeah. Thats all the pichas I took at Orchard Road lololl. Was too busy shopping. And it was waaaaay too crowded.

And then we went to Marina Bay Sands coz we wanna see the water show and the adults wanna go casino. Oh btw, Malaysians go the casino is FOC while Singaporeans have to pay $100 to go in for a day.

And unfortunately I'm not yet 21 so I cannot go in. Haiz.

 Walkway to The Shoppes
 Pardon my photography skills. I can do better at portraits lol.

 We found a place to sit down in front of the Event Plaza at the Promenade.
I googled and found out that the show is named as "Wonder Full". Lololl.

Sunday - Thursday: 8:00pm, 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 8:00pm, 9:30pm, 11:00pm
Wonder full is shown nightly, weather permitting.
Duration is 15 minutes.

For 13 electric minutes, Singapore's city skyline will feel like your own private viewing backdrop. Bring the whole family, and come early to secure your spot. You won't want to miss out on this exciting, free showcase of stunning visual effects with interweaving lasers, video projectors and giant streaming water screens.

Information from marinabaysands.com

And yeah, we were not disappointed.
I did not take pics when they projected videos coz it somehow looks ghostly. Lololl.

Purple my favourite colour ^^

 Magnificent show, I must say. Then we went inside The Shoppes. To walk around ^^

Coz obviously I cannot afford Chanel.
What is wrong with my lousy phone all the pics some how seems blurry and very meng huan wan.

 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

 Sis, Cousin Deirdre and Mom

 Me, sis, Cousin Debra and mom
Le cousins! I look like a giant here lol.

 Spot Jimmy Choo! And the casino sign hahaha

Hi it's me again lololl.
Wearing the fitflop that I bought earlier coz my feet were in pain after we walked the whole Orchard Road. Btw fitflop is cheaper in Singapore. A lot of things are cheaper in Singapore hahahaha.

 See when I take pichas of ppl it looks good.
 But when others take pichas of me it'll be like blurry or me looking ugly or dishevelled etc.



 The bottle of water complimentary from the casino. Le mom and aunt and cousin went in not to gamble but to take lots of bottles of water HAHAHAHA

Damage of the day. Shoesssss again hahahaha.
Both the black ones are mine and also a pair of the red slippers. $5 only weh!!! 

Next day, before heading to Kl *sobsobs*, me and cousin went to jem at Jurong East.

 Paris Baguette Cafe yeay!
 Saw it in Running Man eps 177 at the beginning where they all gathered at the branch in Gangnam and got so excited hahahaha

The reason we came here. Royal Pudding!!!
Selfie in Cotton On.
Btw the white tshirt hanging on the wall is only $5!
I dint buy coz it somehow looks weird on me TT

Finally. My first pic of Christmas decorations at Singapore ^^

 Dear cousie! See you during CNY okay!!!
And thank you so much for spending time with us lub u maxxx

Left Singapore reluctantly.
And proceeded to Johor Premium Outlet where apparently branded goods are cheap! Confirm is shopping trip lai la hahaha

Selfie with the building hahaha ^^

With le sis after we're done shopping.
 Bought lingerie hahahaha
 Boosted the economy, according to le mom x)