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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Downton Abbey

Hi there. No I'm not writing poems haha although the title of this post seems like it lololl.

Don't feel like updating about Laneige as my face still rotten :( I guess it's because I sleep late every night :'( but anyways if somehow my face turns out pretty lololl I will deffo update and give Laneige credits okay!!!

Recently because no assignments, I got addicted to watching UK dramas. Yes, you got it right, UK drama, not Korean drama my usual favourite coz now everybody 'heng' the heirs by lee minho right? I don't like him, no offense lololl.

Imma introduce y'all to this drama I really love, Downton Abbey! I started watching season 1 back when I was in semester 2, and finished all 3 seasons by then. Only 8 episodes per season ma. Now, Downton Abbey is back with season 4!

Basically Downton Abbey is all about an aristocratic family living in Downton Abbey in the post Edwardian era. Sounds boring? Actually it's quite interesting. Parties, scandals, balls, affairs, you name it, Downton Abbey has it. Lol.

The characters may look old and stuffy but they are actually very funny!

Spoiler alert!
This is a picture of the two main characters, Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Crawley.

Lady Mary's really pretty her picture doesn't does her any justice.
They got married but unfortunately Matthew died in a car crash :(
Nearly gave up watching when I found out Matthew was dead. He's cute, no?

Earl and Countess Grantham, Lady Mary's parents.

Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Sybil.
They're sisters. So pretty la I cannot ><

What's aristocrats without their servants, eh?
This is a picture of the servants dining at the servants quarters.
There are a few footmen which are quite dashing too loll.

To be honest I started watching it to improve my English. But I gained more than I thought I would through watching Downton Abbey. It may be fictional, but some of the accurate historical events in it such as World War 1 help us to understand how was it really like in the past.

I hope you weren't bored reading this post. Please do go and watch this drama as it's the most widely watched television show in the world since season 3! According to wiki, that is lololl.

Till then xx

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