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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Marrying Me Musical @ KLPAC

Sorry for the super late post ><

I went to Singapore right after this musical (Will blog about it soon :D) and soon after i came back i caught a cold TT

I'm coughing pitifully and discharging icky green mucus as I'm typing this lololl. No more disgusting talk let's start okay :D

So on 18 december me and le coursemates plus our lecturer and his degree students went to a musical entitled Marrying Me at KLPAC.

A brief description of the musical

Le poster. 

We travelled by UPSI bus there. Once reached, we started taking pictures like nobody's business :P

Damn nice the surroundings *does happy dance*


Okay this one better :)

Epy and me :D love this pic credits to Douglas kamsia okayy

I took this pic. Kinda regret not being in it ><

Then we went inside. And got our tickets.
 Oh the ticket cost me RM38. Student price :D

And then I saw this.

Inside, we found this awesome photo board (isit call photo board idk whatever la hahaha) with props! So, photo time again :P
Yes I do! Hashtag done :D

Blur Me :D hahahaha sorry I 24/7 blur d ><

The two bloggers. Sound so glamorous wtf hahahaha


And then I ran out of poses lololl

Mustache me :D

Centerpiece in the hall. Too pretty!
Next time I wedding also want like this okay hahaha

"Before you love someone, you must first love yourself."

Love this quote! Couldn't agree more :')

Le me again :P

Hi look who's selca-ing :P

Nice bench! Compliments me hehe

Hungry from taking pictures, we set off to find food.
The chicken mushroom pie was delicious. Prolly because we were starving lololl.

Lennon your mouth stuffed with pie isit lololl

Attention grabber Epy hahahaha

After food, we queued up to get in the hall for the musical.
Idk why I took so many pictures of you Douglas :/
You didn't even take mine *sobs* 


Douglas, Epy and Mulok

Epy and Mulok :P
Ps: you guys look good together! Muahahaaha

I donated RM3 and got this, erm paper thingy and I lost it in the bus ><
Aihh sad sia TT

The, erm numbers? IDK I DONT CARE LA ><

And then we got in, and I must say I enjoyed the musical a lot. 

I had a perception that musicals are boring (no thanks to the ones I had been before) so I had a pleasant surprise to find out that this one is super entertaining!

To think that the actors and actresses have to sing live (their vocals were AMAYZINGGG) and they have to memorize their scripts for the musical for about 2 hours D:

Not to mention that I laughed several times during the show when I thought I would fell asleep before entering :P 

And there's some parts that touches me so much coz it's somehow related to me :')

So, here's a big thank you to all of you that has been involved in this musical :D 
We all really enjoyed it and we can't wait for the sequel!
If there's any :P


My post notyet finish wan 
We took pictures after the musical too :P



Looks like some creepy castle at night wtf

Wah what a long post ><

But then when I remembered every single details I grinned like an idiot mom prolly thinks I'm crazy :P

That's all for this post! Gonna blog about my trip in the next post! Hopefully soon okay!

Cya ;)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Downton Abbey

Hi there. No I'm not writing poems haha although the title of this post seems like it lololl.

Don't feel like updating about Laneige as my face still rotten :( I guess it's because I sleep late every night :'( but anyways if somehow my face turns out pretty lololl I will deffo update and give Laneige credits okay!!!

Recently because no assignments, I got addicted to watching UK dramas. Yes, you got it right, UK drama, not Korean drama my usual favourite coz now everybody 'heng' the heirs by lee minho right? I don't like him, no offense lololl.

Imma introduce y'all to this drama I really love, Downton Abbey! I started watching season 1 back when I was in semester 2, and finished all 3 seasons by then. Only 8 episodes per season ma. Now, Downton Abbey is back with season 4!

Basically Downton Abbey is all about an aristocratic family living in Downton Abbey in the post Edwardian era. Sounds boring? Actually it's quite interesting. Parties, scandals, balls, affairs, you name it, Downton Abbey has it. Lol.

The characters may look old and stuffy but they are actually very funny!

Spoiler alert!
This is a picture of the two main characters, Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Crawley.

Lady Mary's really pretty her picture doesn't does her any justice.
They got married but unfortunately Matthew died in a car crash :(
Nearly gave up watching when I found out Matthew was dead. He's cute, no?

Earl and Countess Grantham, Lady Mary's parents.

Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Sybil.
They're sisters. So pretty la I cannot ><

What's aristocrats without their servants, eh?
This is a picture of the servants dining at the servants quarters.
There are a few footmen which are quite dashing too loll.

To be honest I started watching it to improve my English. But I gained more than I thought I would through watching Downton Abbey. It may be fictional, but some of the accurate historical events in it such as World War 1 help us to understand how was it really like in the past.

I hope you weren't bored reading this post. Please do go and watch this drama as it's the most widely watched television show in the world since season 3! According to wiki, that is lololl.

Till then xx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Castle in Spain

Intoxicating scent, tantalizingly close,
She reclined lazily on a chaise longue,
Sipping delicately on chartreuse,
Yearning to be aroused,
By a marquis in disguise,
His enthralling blue eyes hooded with desire.

Heart pounding, breath quickening,
Skilled, tender hands gently exploring,
Willing and succumbing,
Her conscious slowly slipped away,
Whispering and murmuring,
Dark visions that seem promising.

Then darkness came silently,
As he retreated precipitously,
Her world thrown off balanced momentarily,
Doe like eyes fluttering open,
She moaned half-heartedly,
Alas, how she wished in vain it was reality.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

My Eating Habits

Hi y'all! I'm damn reluctant to do my assignments (sorry la lecturers, dateline still loong way to go heee) so here I am instead, after getting bored watching on call 2. Eh onion damn handsome right? *melts*

Anyway, imma blog about my eating habits today! Since a lot of people had been asking "Nicole! Why you so skinny?" "Weh you didn't eat at all isit?" things like that.

Recent selfie. At the library :P

Well, to be honest, my eating habits damn UNHEALTHY!!

Seriously! I'm not kidding! And I don't even exercise coz I hate being sweaty and sticky. Don't be jealous kayy *flips hair* LOL

I guess I'm that kinda person who eats a lot but never get fat behpaiseh nia


1. Breakfast: N/A
Sorry la I don't eat breakfast mia normally. I'd rather spend the time using to eat breakfast sleeping hehee. BUT that doesn't mean I don't like breakfast! You will see me eat breakfast when I'm at buffet (WELL WHO CAN SAY NO TO BREAKFAST BUFFET?!) or when I'm eating western food. Geddit? LOL

2. Lunch/Tea
Normally if no class, or class in the morning (until 10-11am) I will come back and sleep until 2-3 something. Hehee.

And then wake up with growling stomach and cook maggi or eat choco roll the love of my life or something else light. I'll explain about the love of my life later haha. If got class till, lets say until 12noon then I will eat lunch la. Reluctantly HAHA.

3. Dinner
Le favourite meal of the day, DINNER!!! Usually I spent the most $$ for dinner LOL. I know if y'all wanna be healthy, dinner should be light BUT for me, dinner is the most important coz I'm a night person. I'm active AFTER I had my dinner lololl.

4. Supper
Yea, sometimes when I'm damn hungry or mouth itchy I will go for supper at mamak stall lor. But supper is not advisable coz it's somehow fattening for me wtf. I will be more hungry in the morning when I had supper lor. Why liddat want ah?

5. In Between Meals: CHOCO ROLLS ❤️
Idk how I survived without choco rolls before this wtf. If you had no idea what is this then here is a picture of it

ARGH this is damn delicious

I'm actually nomming one as I'm typing this wtf. It taste like chocolate cake with chocolate cream in it hehee. Seriously yummeh! I usually eat 2-3 on one go lololl.
I every week can finish one box wtf. But nowadays I'm kinda trying to cut down coz I don't wanna get bored or sick with it lololl. Like how I gotten sick on mr potato :/
So that concludes my not so healthy eating habits wtf. It may be suitable for me, but it may NOT be suitable for you, so follow at your own risk~
WTF ok la cya next time ;)