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Monday, 18 November 2013

Sinfully delicious: Morganfield's @ Queensbay

So, I'm back to UPSI (Sultan Idris Education University) and today classes are canceled.

Bored me decided to blog since I've neglected my blog for a few weeks ady hehe.

Before I departed from Penang, me and my family went for dinner at Queensbay Mall last Saturday. There was a slight jam because next day will be the Penang Bridge International Marathon :D still can remember when I joined when I was in form4. Ahhhhh the good times.

Back to topic before I start to get nostalgic lololl. So the day before I went to Morganfield's for lunch with bestie Yyi-Ran coz the lunch set is damn cheap and we don't know where else to eat lololl.

We were flipping through the menu so we saw the platter for like, 3-4 person and the portion is unbelievably huge! Not to mention the mouth watering pork ribs :P obviously we cannot finish it so we ordered something else.

The picture of the platter remained stuck in my head ( I know, typical me wtf) so I suggested that we eat there and my father, who loves pork ribs agreed.

When we first sat down this was what I noticed on the wall.

Tom and Jerry! How cute :D

Food pictures below! Beware don't enter if you are starving wtf

Look at the portion lolol
Us 4 person could barely finish it
 Slab of pork ribs
Half chicken
3 muffins
3 corn on cob

Carnivorous Platter RM 129.90 for 3-4 person

My favourite! The sausages!
Its made from real meat and is delicious :D
I remember 2 flavours only, cheese and black pepper
Sommore got 2 i forget dy hehe

Me with le platter! You can see the size of the platter here so bigggg

My gosh just look at the pork.
So tender and soft it practically melts in your mouth!
The white part below is the tendon btw

After dining here is a disgustingly dirty picture hahaha
Le bones HAHA
We le bunch of carnivores stacked it up hahaha

And so this concludes my post!
Remember to visit Morganfield's for it's famous sticky bones (that is the pork ribs la)

Will update about Laneige products in the next post! Stay tuned beloved ones :D

Cya ;)