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Sunday, 24 November 2013


Quite sad to see this story end wtf
Enjoy la hah ^^

Chapter 1 here
Chapter 2 here

Chapter 3: Banana at Columbia

Her eyes filled with sorrow, she continued, “I was devastated, but where were you when I need you? I tried calling you but you wouldn’t pick up your phone. And when I called you at your house in Hamptons the butler said you are busy and transferred my call to your mother. Who promptly told me not to call again.”

“I finally realized that we are from different worlds, Nate. You spent your summer in your summer house getting a tan while I spent mine working several jobs to pay my fees. ” Elena chided bitterly.

Nate was rendered speechless. He never thought that something THIS big happened to Elena. “Banana, I left my phone here in my room, and I didn’t know that you called me…” He tried to explain but Elena cut him off. “Please, don’t blame your mom. I understand her. How could she let her privileged, wealthy family to be associated with a middle-class girl huh?

“I don’t want to get between you and your mom, so I guess this is goodbye then, Nate.” Elena murmured softly. Wretched, Nate could only stare at the one and only love of his life as she disappeared through the door of the dean’s office. He knew that the chances of getting her to stay is slim. Was he going to give up so soon?

3 months later

Breathing in the familiar air of Brooklyn, which was a mixture of pee and Italian food, Elena smiled to herself. Life was good, she’s home with her family, and although she needed to travel a long distance from home to Columbia, she was grateful that she still had a chance to finish her degree. She felt a burden lifted off her shoulders when she got the news that Columbia offered her a full grant on her fees.

Still, she had to juggle 2 part time jobs to help her mom support her family. It was tiring but what to do, her family needed the money. She took a glance at her watch. It was already 9am. She would be late to class if she kept on strolling like this. Hurrying towards the subway station, she saw a glimpse of a familiar tall, handsome guy walking out from a store. Stunned, she blinked, then sighed. It wasn’t him, just some random guy whose back look alike with him.

She thought she had forgotten about him, but it was obvious she hadn’t. It wasn’t the first time she thought she saw him in the streets. She missed him so much it hurts even thinking about him. His smile, his blue twinkling eyes, his pouting lips, every single detail about him tortured her every day. Even though many guys asked her out at Columbia, she never dated any of them.

Shaking her head, she reprimanded herself for thinking about him again.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism

Stepping out of her class, Elena blinked at the glinting sunlight. She was nearly late to class just now but luckily her lecturer wasn’t in class yet. She squinted at her watch, it was nearly noon. Time for her part time job at Starbucks.

She was barely out of the building when she heard a shout, “Banana!” How familiar, she thought to herself. Must be my illusion again.

Ignoring the shout, she kept on walking. “Banana!” There, she heard it again. Did she missed him that much until she kept getting hallucinations? Frustrated, she turned back, expecting to see no one. Instead, she saw him striding towards her, with his trademark grin on his face. “Banana!” he exclaimed. “Gosh, I missed you so much!” He pulled her in for a bear hug. “What, are you so stunned to see me?” He laugh jovially.

Her heart skipped a beat. “Is this…is this really you, Nate?” She asked him cautiously, not sure if this was part or her illusion or in real. “Of course!” Nate replied, frowning. “I thought you would be happy to see me.”

“Nate,” she sighed, finally realising this was really Nate in front of her. “I thought I explained everything…” “Banana, being here shows how much you mean to me. Did you know I came here on a scholarship?”

“What? You on a scholarship?” She uttered in bewilderment.

“Yeah. I had a fight with mom after finding out that she screened all my calls in Hamptons. Studying finance was never my forte, I took that because my parents insisted that I do so.” He said, making a face. “So I applied for an architectural scholarship here, and I got it!” He beamed with delight. “You remember right? Architecture’s my passion!” He asked her eagerly.

Blinking back tears, Elena nodded. “Hey, don’t cry Banana.” Nate chuckled softly, brushing away her tears. “Aren’t you happy that I’m here?” Elena nodded again.

“What about your mom, Nate? She doesn’t approve of us. If she knew that you came here because of me she…” “Don’t worry about her, Banana. Yes, I came here because of you, but that’s just part of it, I also came here to pursue my dreams as an architecture!” Nate grinned. “Mom was furious at first. But then she came to realize she cannot stop me from doing what I want. I told her that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“You…you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” Dazed, she repeated.

“Yes, and guess what mom said? She says she’s curious about the girl who made her son fall head over heels in love with her! She wants to meet you in person to apologize.” He answered, looking at her expectantly. “Will you spend the rest of your life with me, Banana?” he asked her, his eyes shining with love.

“We’ll see!” She replied teasingly to the love of her life.


Hope you guys enjoyed the story! Till then xx

Friday, 22 November 2013



Btw some of my friends asked about Princeton and Columbia. So I will be explaining here.

Princeton and Columbia are both Ivy League universities in USA. (For those of you who dk what that is, I DONT CARE LE LA JUST GO GOOGLE SEARCH LOLOL)

Princeton is in Princeton, New Jersey, and Columbia is in Upper East Side, New York.

Elena banana's house is in Brooklyn, New York. Her house is approximately:
-53 miles, 1 hour and 21 minutes away from Princeton, by car.
-14 miles, 30 minutes away from Columbia, by car and if she commutes it will take about 1 hour

I know it's a bit confusing coz the setting is in US hehe

Feel free to ask any questions ^^

Chapter 1 here
Chapter 3 here

Chapter 2: Banana is in ❤

He stilled, then managed a feeble chuckle. “You’re kidding right, Banana? Wow, I never thought you’ve got such a dry sense of humour! Right, jokes aside…” “I’m not joking.” She cut in, “I’m perfectly serious, Nate. I’m going to Columbia.” she said solemnly.

“But…but…” he stammered. “Sorry, Nate, I’ve got to hand in the paperwork. I’ll deffo call you later.” She quickly uttered and left the rooftop hurriedly, her tears threatening to spill from her eyes. She couldn’t bring herself to take a backward glance at Nathaniel because she knew if she did, she would not be willing to leave him, ever.

Shocked, Nathaniel stood rooted to the ground, staring blankly at her departing back. She was leaving, for real? But why? He would never know that she planned on transferring if Luke had not informed him.
“I AM her boyfriend and she did not even tell me she’s going to Columbia? Something must be going on. Shit, I should have stopped her.” He cursed silently and rushed down the stairs. Columbia was like, a few hours away from Princeton! How could their relationship possibly last if they were far away from each other?
Meanwhile, Elena was trying her best not to cry. How would the dean think if she handed in her paperwork with her face looking like this? “Calm down, Elena, calm down.” She told herself. She took a deep breath, but her hand shook feebly as she raised her hand to knock the door of the dean’s office.
“NO!” a warm pair of hands grabbed her hands before she could do so. “No, Banana, you are not going anywhere until you tell me the truth.” She turned over and saw Nathaniel’s dejected but determined face.
“I told you just now…” “No, that was not the truth that you told me.” He insisted. “It was the truth! I did not lie!” Upset, she yelled at him.
“It’s not.” He firmly said. “You have a habit, you know. If you lie, your mouth will twitch.” True enough, her mouth was twitching badly. Sighing, he ran a hand through his tousled hair. “Why won’t you tell me the truth? I am not your boyfriend for nothing, you know.”
You don’t know how much I ache to run my hand in your hair, to pull your face closer for a kiss, Nate, she thought sadly. Turning away, she raised her hand again, ready to knock.
But, the reflection on the door showed a forlorn looking Nathaniel. Her heart began to ache for both of them. Suddenly, she realized that all the decisions she had made she only thought of herself, she did not think of others, and that was not fair to Nate. Gulping, she made up her mind. She would tell him the truth.
“Fine, I was lying.” She admitted. “But I have a good reason for doing it, Nate. My plan was going fine but then you decided to return to Princeton early.”
“So what’s the truth, Banana?” He pouted cutely, waiting for an answer.
“I love you.” She murmured. “I love you, so I decided to leave.”
WHAAA?? Yes, Nate was sure he heard Elena professed her love to him, and in normal circumstances he would be whooping with joy, but if she love him, why would she leave? That doesn’t make sense.
Suddenly, he recalled something. Something that would probably compelled her to leave. “This is about my family again, isn’t it? Did my mother called you or something?” he demanded furiously. “If it’s really them then you shouldn’t…”
“My father died last week, Nate.” Her voice came out like a whisper. “My father is dead.”

Thursday, 21 November 2013



Seriously. Nothing to do. So I decided to write a short story, methinks about a few chapters la to kill time lolol since this sem I am taking creative writing ^^ It's a love story btw so those of you who don't like chick lit sorry la hah.

Sorry for the weird title I couldn't think of anything else haha :) Enjoy!


Chapter 1: A Leaving Banana

“Banana? Banana!” Startled, Elena Willings glanced up from her paperwork. There was only one person in the whole world that would call her by the name Banana because according to him, their real names sound alike, which was completely untrue.

Was it him? No, it couldn’t be. He was supposed to be back by tomorrow, she had made sure of that. Then who would it be?

The answer was revealed when a tall, brown tousled hair guy rushed into the library surrounded by girls who were trying to get his attention. He came to a stop in front of the tables and searched frantically with his eyes, while all the time ignoring the buzzing girls surrounding him and the librarian’s disapproving look.

Elena's eyes widen with shock as she took in the guy’s profile. It’s really him! How in the world could he possibly come back a day earlier from his summer house in Hampton? Hurriedly she gathered all her paperwork and tried to sneak out without him noticing her.

Unfortunately, as soon as she stood up, her chair made a creak causing everybody to turn and look at her. Including him.

“Banana!” he exclaimed, striding towards her. “We need to talk.”

Sighing, she nodded wordlessly and let him grab her hand, trying her very best to ignore the jealous and disapproving stares from everyone.

He led her to the rooftop where they always hangout during lunchtime. “So,” he folded his arms, glaring at her. “Are you not telling me what is going on right now?” “Nate, it’s nothing big for you to worry about…”

“You mean you transferring to Columbia is not a big matter? How can you not tell me, Banana?” Nathaniel Williamson, her current boyfriend who is also Princeton most sought after hottie, cut her off mid-sentence, his baby blue eyes full with hurt.

Elena averted her eyes from his gaze. “It’s not that I’m leaving. You that I can barely afford Princeton’s tuition plus accommodation fees. Columbia offered me tuition grant, and it is nearer to my house in Brooklyn so at least I can save some of the fees. I’ll still be in NY, though. ” She explained, glad that she thought of coming up of an explanation beforehand.

Rolling his eyes, Nathaniel promptly replied, “Firstly, we are not in NY, we are in NJ. New Jersey is NOT New York. Secondly, Brooklyn is almost one hour away from Columbia, and the money you spent on travelling will be almost equivalent to your accommodation fees. Thirdly, I’m sure if you asked, with your results Princeton will be delighted to offer you grants. Am I right?” he chuckled in glee at his own answer. There, problem solved, no?

Frustrated, Elena tried to change the subject. “Who told you that I was transferring? Aren’t you supposed to be in Hampton?” Maybe he’ll forget about it and she can quietly hand in the paperwork needed for transferring.

 “Oh, Luke told me that he saw your name on the new students list in his dad’s office. I drove all the way from Hampton because you did not pick up your phone.” He replied carelessly. That made sense, Luke's father work in the admission office in Columbia. “Now, problem solved! Let’s take a bite, I’m starving! I heard there's pizza at Luke's place. ” He reached for her hand and tried to lead her away, but she stood still like a statue.

“I’m still leaving no matter what you said, Nate.” She said softly, blinking back tears.

 To be continued :D
                  CHAPTER 3

Monday, 18 November 2013

Sinfully delicious: Morganfield's @ Queensbay

So, I'm back to UPSI (Sultan Idris Education University) and today classes are canceled.

Bored me decided to blog since I've neglected my blog for a few weeks ady hehe.

Before I departed from Penang, me and my family went for dinner at Queensbay Mall last Saturday. There was a slight jam because next day will be the Penang Bridge International Marathon :D still can remember when I joined when I was in form4. Ahhhhh the good times.

Back to topic before I start to get nostalgic lololl. So the day before I went to Morganfield's for lunch with bestie Yyi-Ran coz the lunch set is damn cheap and we don't know where else to eat lololl.

We were flipping through the menu so we saw the platter for like, 3-4 person and the portion is unbelievably huge! Not to mention the mouth watering pork ribs :P obviously we cannot finish it so we ordered something else.

The picture of the platter remained stuck in my head ( I know, typical me wtf) so I suggested that we eat there and my father, who loves pork ribs agreed.

When we first sat down this was what I noticed on the wall.

Tom and Jerry! How cute :D

Food pictures below! Beware don't enter if you are starving wtf

Look at the portion lolol
Us 4 person could barely finish it
 Slab of pork ribs
Half chicken
3 muffins
3 corn on cob

Carnivorous Platter RM 129.90 for 3-4 person

My favourite! The sausages!
Its made from real meat and is delicious :D
I remember 2 flavours only, cheese and black pepper
Sommore got 2 i forget dy hehe

Me with le platter! You can see the size of the platter here so bigggg

My gosh just look at the pork.
So tender and soft it practically melts in your mouth!
The white part below is the tendon btw

After dining here is a disgustingly dirty picture hahaha
Le bones HAHA
We le bunch of carnivores stacked it up hahaha

And so this concludes my post!
Remember to visit Morganfield's for it's famous sticky bones (that is the pork ribs la)

Will update about Laneige products in the next post! Stay tuned beloved ones :D

Cya ;)