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Sunday, 6 October 2013

What I Did at KL Last Thursday

Harrow. I am now back in Penang! Sorry for not blogging earlier cause there are so many things that distracted me. Watching TV and eating non-stop, to be exact :P

Okay, so back to topic. Last Thursday, which is one day after finals me and my friends we went to KL. Main purpose is to eat, not shopping hahaha cause the food in Tanjung Malim sucks ttm. Imagine me eating panmee everyday.

Well, I woke up at 9am (ME! ME WOKE UP BY MESELF!) hahahaha even my roommate Ann was shocked cause I usually am the last one to wake up normally. Ahaha so we went out at 9.30 a.m. to catch the KTM to KL. The price of a two-way ticket is RM7. So cheap huh. But then you have to endure a 2 hour journey to KL Central la wtf.

In the KTM
My legs so long :D
Walao my top look like kiamchai so I mosaic it focus on my legs only please wtf

Finally we reached KL Central at about 12p.m. The first stop was at a beauty salon, Clara International because vain Douglas wanted to buy some beauty products (so predictable huh).

After that, we took the LRT to Imbi, where Times Square is located. First thing I bought at Times Square is Starbucks! For free! (Aiya I redeem from my Starbucks card d la) 

Me selca with my beloved Mocha Frapp :D

Then we proceed to walk to Pavillion. On the way, I stopped at Cotton On (got sales weh where can not stop?!) and bought a dress for RM15! So darn cheap I didn't even try when buying lololl. Sorry la shopaholic in action didn't even remember to take pictures.

Next stop is H&M. I remember clearly everyone groaning when I practically run into it hahaha cannot resist ma. Eh 3 storeys high of shopping haven leh. But then, when the others followed me in, they also got excited and started shopping hahahaha.

See? My shopping bag is still empty but that Douglas had already picked up a tshirt hahaha

Okay la after that busy shopping no more pictures. 

This is me and Douglas right after I paid for my stuff. 
My face was epic hahaha I was like "What? Take photo again ar?" wtf lololl
I bought a basic top for RM19.90 and a jacket with hoodie for RM59.90. 

Darn cheap. I was tempted to buy more but scared my omma will 
scold me for spending too much lololl.

Outside H&M with Imelda and Douglas :D

By that time already 2 something we were so hungry so we faster walked to Pavillion to have our lunch at...

Ippudo! I had been wanting to try it since I saw tons of pictures in Instagram 
saying that it is really delicious! 

Something ramen (sorry la I forgot the name)
Lennon, Imelda and Douglas ordered this.
According to them, the soup is really tasty :D

Something ramen no. 2 
Sorry I am phailed blogger I really forgot the name ._.
(or should say I never really remembered it lololl)
Anyway the pork sliced were soft and tasty! The half broiled egg was also delish :D

After yummy (but expensive) lunch, dessert at Snowflakes!

Soya ice with red beans. taro and pearls 

OMG I am seriously drooling right now.
Douglas's Mango Coco 
(from the Magnificent Mango Series)
Coconut ice with taro+sweet potato balls, tau fu fah and mango! Seriously nice this one :D

Then Lennon said want to go back to H&M because he regretted and wanted to buy something from there.
We were like "Ask you to buy just now you don't want la now regret la" lololl

Bored us took pictures while he shopped. 
 Fat me hahaha :D

 Imelda and Douglas.
Looked like they just had a fight sitting like that lololl.

Another one. Large mirrors are love lololl.

Finally when Lennon finished, its already about 5 p.m.
We went to Sushi Zanmai at Fahrenheit 88 for, idk tea maybe? hahaha

Selca again while waiting for food.

Tadaa! Tamago Mentai my favourite!
 I even made Imelda and Douglas fell in love with it hahaha
(2 for RM2.80)

Salmon sushi
(2 for RM3.80)

Salmon maki

Tamago maki and soft shell crab sushi

My grilled salmon teriyaki.
Delicious sia d lor. 
The skin damn crispy and the fish quite fresh too.

My darling Tamago mentai! Look at the mentai *drooling* 

Selca with it summore hahaha

After tea (?) we head back to KL Central where we bought Mcd (I know I know, fattening wtf) and then head back to Tanjung Malim.

And that sums up What I Did at KL Last Thursday. 

Cya ;)

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