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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Outing at Gurney Paragon and Gil Korean Cafe ❤

Hi hi hi! I'm blogging again! I am astonished that I had the energy to blog as this outing is today lololl. Just wanted to blog before I got lazy haha. I was the driver of the day btw ^^

Fetched Sarah who drove to my house and then went on to fetch Lerk Chieh at USM. She is studying there btw.

Me, Sarah and Lerk Chieh planned to go Gurney Paragon on a date. Main point was to go H&M but ended up we did not buy anything from there. But we did took some pictures there. You know la girls and large mirrors. End up selca only lololl

 Taken by Lerk Chieh.
From left, Lerk Chieh, Sarah and me.

Again lololl. 
Much better 
(sorry hah lc hahaha )

Next on we shopped around for a bit then went to Sushi Zanmai (again! I know haha) for tea (?) wtf

Sarah and me 
Love you muchie good luck in your exam btw x)

Lerk Chieh solo coz she sit alone opposite ahaha

3 of us :D
Ignore the girl at the table behind lololl

Sarah and me. Yeah we are both vain *winks*

Conveyor belt. 
The sushi looked not fresh so I did not take any from there. 

Waiting for fooooood ahaha 

Tamago mentai again hehe.
And salmon sushi.

Prawn tempura. 
The soup behind quite nice d but then became bitter idk why 

Beef teriyaki  

Look at the sauce *drools*

And then we went back to Cotton On, where we saw a photobooth earlier. And sure enough, it's operating! 

For free! Of course we went it and took pictures. Heee
At Cotton On Gurney Paragon.
Idk why they have it I think is maybe because the grand opening 
of Gurney Paragon is today gua.

Picture of the props. So cuteeee :D

Inside the photobooth! Can see my face ahh

After take picture go out and wait for it to print!

Shameless us go took 2 times ahahaha eh free wan maaa lololl (so cheapskate wtf)
I love them 

Before heading home, time for ootd pictures ahaha. 

Poser huh Sarah Lee XD

Candid I suppose?

Crop sweater (from mom's closet)
Next high waist shorts (from mom's closet too lololl)
Cotton On sandals (I think is sandals bah haha)

With the photo strips hehe
Eh why my eyes so small wtf

With Lerk Chieh :D

With Sarah Lee.
Seriously the lighting at the hallway leading to carpark at Gurney Paragon really nice!

After that we decided to head to Gil Korean Cafe located at Ivory Plaza (opposite USM) 
According to Sarah, the Kimchi Ramen really nice.
So we went early to avoid the traffic jam ;)

I know you cute noneed do duck face lololl

Next stop, Korean Cafe 
First thing we saw inside the cafe is this.
Woi so excited haha. Immediately started pointing at kpop stars we like. 
Spot SNSD (my fav group) btw lololl 

So cute the menu :D

While waiting, take pictures again ahahaha
Lalala x)

Okay beware korean food pictures ahead 
Ddokbokki (hot and spicy rice cake)
The rice cakes sooooo chewy and tasty! No weird taste of flour leh!
The sauce very tomato-ish haha I like!

My kimchi soup with sausage and baked beans served with rice
(Boodae Jjigae)

See the ramen and sausage inside :D

Inside got sausages, tofu, chicken slices, ramen (!) and baked beans.

Initially I thought got baked beans sure weird geh the taste.
But no wor! The tomato taste of baked beans blends in nicely with the kimchi soup :D

Kimchi ramen ordered by both Lerk Chieh and Sarah.

The kimchi dish by the side served in a love shape plate is complimentary for every dish you ordered.

Oh, and btw the owner is korean! And he is really friendly too. He talked to us (in English mixed Korean) when we were there. He was teaching some random person korean hahaha.

We also visited Lerk Chieh's dorm hahaha eh sorry for invading ah lc.

Wah this is one long post. Finally done :D

Cya ;)

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