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Monday, 14 October 2013

Dating at James Foo, All Seasons

Harrow guys! I'm back to blog about my recent date last Sunday at James Foo, All Seasons. You must be wondering, dating? Since when I have a boyfriend?

Hana hana I know la, I don't have bf la nobody wants me TT lololl kidding.

I went on a date with my sister la can or not? Coz that day she did not have choir practise after church and mommy did not go to church coz she had to mark exam papers at school so we both went only.

Me driver again ._.

I thought it would be good bonding time with le sis mana tau practically after we ordered she started...

Look at her.
She was saying :What do you want me to say to you ah? 
Then she proceeded to concentrate on her phone
Wey hello?! Bonding time eh not phone time eh?
So I forced her to take pictures of me.

Me with swollen eyes 
Aish woke up so early go church leh.

And then our shared orange juice jumbo arrived ;D
Woah damn big weh D:

Sister with the orange juice.

Selfie together :)

And then she went back to her phone ._.
We got age gap or what oh???

Since she ignored me, I bo huat ma take pictures of the interior of the restaurant loh.


The pictures looked so appetizing leh 

Not long after our food arrived 

Le sister's grilled garlic fish.

My chicken cordon bleu.
The green beans *urgh*
Eh don't judge food by it looks kay reaaaaallly yummeh eh *slurps*

We finished everything, including the super duper big cup of orange juice hahaha
Do not underestimate a girl's appetite ah lololl

Last but not least, my ootd! Credits to my sis haha

*no caption*

When the wind blows lololl

Thats all for now xx

Ps : I'm blogging with my new baby Microsoft Surface RT! will blog about it in the next post okay hehe

Cya ;)