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Monday, 30 September 2013


Harrow guys! Sorry for the lack of updates as I am having my final exam now. So this will be a short post as I have to continue studying afterwards TT (like I will hahaha)

For those of you who do not know, I am currently taking Diploma in English at Sultan Idris Education University. Sounds glam huh, taking English but I can assure you its not lol.

Wondering why my English still sounds so Malaysian when I am taking Diploma in English? Aiya Malaysian ma must be proud of our own Manglish lololl (sorry la hah lecturer :P)

I am currently in semester 3 now, and taking 6 subjects in total this sem. But, only 3 subjects got final exam D: idk its a good thing or not...

Today I just finished the first paper, Business English so there are 2 more papers to go hehe cannot wait for thursday coz me and my friends are going down to kl for, erm, FOOD HUNTING! IMMA GOING TO GET FAT but who cares lololl :D

Okayla gonna go have panmee now (its my current addiction :x)

So here's a recent selfie of me while studying! Say first ha I'm not pretty so dont get shocked or throw away your phone/laptop/tablet or something like that lololl

Ok you can throw away your phone now hahahah

Cya! Will blog after i go to kl :D