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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Lavish Fusion Bakery @ Lebuh VIctoria

A few months ago, when Sarah came back to Penang the #girlsof939495 went out for a date. 
Lavish Fusion Bakery by Love a Loaf is still the hottest cafe in town. So my belated post is still relevant haha!

 We sar at the huge table below the 'LAVISH' sign. Look at my excited girls!

And then the pretty drinks came and we got even more excited lol. 

Red: Yogurt Berry Bash RM 16.50
Yellow/Orange??: Mango Orange Peach RM 16.50

The fruits on top were pretty much tasteless. I guess its preserved fruits due to the hot Malaysian weather. But the drink itself is decent. Very fruity and refreshing!

Matcha cronut was definitely the star of the day!

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Uji Matcha Cronut RM 23.50

Not only it's pretty, it's a legit cronut lol. Look at the layers!
And I was not expecting the layers inside to be Matcha flavored too! Yumss.
But they only serve this at a limited time, if not mistaken after lunch hours hence we came after we had lunch and had no more space for more pastries lol. 
Definitely recommending this matcha cronut to those who love matcha!

We didn't take much pictures of the interior as it was waaaaay too crowded. Actually the price range was quite high so I have no idea why there were so many people? Haha 


Lavish Fusion Bakery
214 Lebuh Vistoria, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang.
Open daily 8am-11pm

Rating: 3.5/5

Till then xx

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Japan Beauty Haul + Review

Hello! Today's post will be on beauty products from Japan!
My mom went to Japan recently, so naturally I asked her to buy (a lot of) stuff from there~
Prior to this, I've never used any Japan beauty products before, so I was excited to give them a try!

Here's the full haul but I've only used a few, hence the short review. Spot the Disney edition face cleanser hehehe!

In this post, I will be sharing about a few awesome products that I've tried.

Here they are~
Clockwise from top
KOSE Softymo Makeup Remover Sheets (Blue: Collagen) 52 sheets
Lululun Face Mask (Pink: Hydrating) 42 sheets
DHC Lip Cream
KOSE Softymo Makeup Remover Sheets (Pink: Hydrating) 52 sheets

So pink ain't it? 
I suck at Japanese, so let's just hope I got the names correct lol.

Prices are not stated as different products have different prices in different drugstores in different places. Yes, seriously. But no worries as these products are much more affordable than the over-the-counter ones. And if you're lucky, they will give you samples to try too! They also have Chinese/English speaking promoters, so no worries if you do not speak Japanese.
Normally in Japanese drugstores you can also get tax rebate (8%) if you purchase above 5000 JPY.

 KOSE Softymo Makeup Remover Sheets (Pink: Hydrating) 52 sheets

No. 1 of something something lol
Unopened yet so let's move on to the blue version which contains collagen!

KOSE Softymo Makeup Remover Sheets (Blue: Collagen) 52 sheets

This brand Softymo is under Kose, which I believe people are more familiar with.
The inside looks like wet tissue, so you just open it and pull out one when you wanna use it. Very economical. They have 52 sheets inside which is quite a lot!
I've used it, it removed my makeup quite well and keeps your face hydrated even after makeup is removed. Plus its so easy to use! Recommended for light makeup. Can't wait to try the pink version!

DHC Lip Cream

This lip balm is highly raved so naturally I had to get one! My lips are always chapped so this is totally my lifesaver. I normally put this on and then lipstick/lip tint before I go out. Sadly it only contains about 1.5 g of product. I've already used up 1/5 of this product and I'm thinking to get another one lol. 

 Lululun Face Mask (Pink: Hydrating) 42 sheets

Lululun Face Mask (Pink: Hydrating) 42 sheets

Again, No.1 at something lol. I have to admit that the cute packaging is definitely attractive heh. 
Lululun is a very popular brand in Japan! I noticed that the Japanese tend to save and put tons of sheets in one pack. Makes my life easier as I do not need to struggle with opening the packaging which normally takes me about 5 minutes lol. This pack contains 42 sheet masks! Wow! It's suitable for daily use because the sheets are thin enough to provide moisture daily without giving too much stress to your skin. 10 minutes per day is all you need for hydrated skin! I really hope that I can remember to consistently put on a mask every day lol. 

That's all for today's post! I will review more Japan beauty products in the future if I find them awesome. 
Comment below if you want me to review any products that you spotted in the full beauty haul picture. 

Time to go put on a mask now~ 

Till then xx

Thursday, 25 May 2017

3 Major Milestones in My Life

Since I was young, I led a sheltered and comfortable life thanks to my loving parents. It was not until I graduated from high school that I finally get a first taste of hardship. The major milestones of my life did not happened until I graduated from high school. To me, milestones are events that will affect our perspective or bring about serious and lasting changes in our lives. Although most people think that twenty-two years is not that long for someone to have lived, three major milestones had occurred in my life that helped to create the person I am today.
I was 17 when I received a letter informing me to go for the National Service training programme once I finished my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations. Having led a sheltered life, I had not camped or lived outside of home before so naturally I was scared and nervous upon receiving the news.  I was to serve for 3 months at Kem Lagenda Seri Negeri, Langkawi Island. For as long as I could remember, school has always been a huge part of my life. I had the same routine for 10 years, going to school five days a week, then off for two days, and going back to school on Monday. Now for three months, I will have to get use to a new routine far away from home sweet home.
Living for three months in a rural camp with fellow trainees from different ethnic groups had taught me many things that otherwise I would not know if I had chosen not to go. I learnt how to be more tolerating and open minded. This happened when wake up calls at 6am not meant for you woke you up instead. Besides that, I also learnt how to be independent. In the camp, I had to wake myself up every morning instead of relying on my mother. I also had to do my own chores, such as wash my own clothes, tidy my own bed and dormitory. I could still remember we would sometimes come back from training to some beds completely upturned with bedsheets, pillow and everything on the bed thrown on the floor because the bed was not tidy enough to pass inspection.  
But most importantly, I made a lot of friends there. Friends from different races and background, friends who I would not make if I were to stay in my comfort zone, friends who taught me a lot about life and reality, friends who were openly honest to me. I was blessed to have met them in my life.
The next major milestone in my life was leaving home to study Diploma in English at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). I was studying form 6 in my previous high school after National Service when I was offered a place to study in UPSI. With exposure to ethic differences and experiences I had during the National Service training, it was easy to adapt myself to my diploma life. I was grateful to have the chance to study in UPSI and stay outside of home for a period of 3 years. I did not choose to go to Form 6 as they recently changed the Form 6 syllabus and I was afraid I could not catch up.
Nevertheless, every path has its puddles. The hardest part of choosing this path is that many people questioned my decision as they have not heard of anyone taking diploma before in UPSI and they think that I am wasting time as diploma takes 3 years when Form 6 takes 1.5 years; there were some who thought I was taking a teaching diploma, too. Most of the problems I faced were people judging and giving me alternatives instead of encouraging me to continue my chosen path. So, there were times when I was influenced by them and questioned my decision. Did I chose the correct path? Am I wasting my time? It got even worse when the batch of students who came in a year later than me will graduate along with me as the years of studying has been shorten to 2 years. Luckily, I had a group of friends I met when I was studying my diploma who supported and helped me. Now, we are continuing our studies at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) together although we are in different courses.
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The last milestone that I had experienced was after my diploma and before I entered USM. I went on a trip with another 2 friends to Krabi, Thailand. It was my first overseas trip with friends and without my family. I was in charge of planning the trip because I had experience travelling to Thailand. Before going on the trip, I had to research carefully on the weather, transportation, accommodation and necessities to bring to Thailand. Because we were students and travelling on a budget, we need to find affordable plane tickets and accommodation. That was a challenge for me as well as I learnt how to research for information, eliminate the unsuitable choices and making the right choices suitable for me and my friends. On the trip itself, we encountered many problems. The flight to Krabi was delayed, so when we reached there it was already night. Then, the hotel we stayed in had a blackout. It was so hot we had to come out from our room to cool down at the porch in front of the hotel. There were other travelers there too, so we get to chat with them and listen to their adventures and stories. Even with the blackout it was a wonderful night. Meanwhile in the streets of Krabi, we got conned by tuk-tuk drivers charging exorbitant prices, learnt how to haggle prices with the locals, enjoyed the spicy and sour local delicacies, went island hopping and snorkeling. That was an experience in a lifetime that I would not forget.

Thus the 3 milestones in my life and more to come.

Till then xx